Kanye West Spends Time With His Kids After Slamming Kim Kardashian on Social Media

A source tells ET that Kanye 'still has hope' he and Kim will get back together and that he lashed out on social because he is hurt.

Kanye "Ye" West spent some quality time with his children amid his tiff with estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West. The artist was photographed with three of his four children -- Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2 -- at the Future Brunch on Sunday.

In photos shared by Shot by Sham on Instagram and taken by Hesham Abdo, Kanye is all smiles as his little ones walk beside him. The event included the rapper, along with his friend, Jason Lee, and 50 Black journalist, to discuss disparities in Black media, the importance of reclaiming the narrative and taking ownership in one’s brand.

Hesham Abdo

Kanye spending time with his children comes days after he publicly slammed Kim, claiming she did not provide the address to their daughter's birthday, "put security" on him inside when he was playing with his son, had him "take a drug test after Chicago’s party," and that his eldest daughter, North, who was not seen at Sunday's event, was being put on TikTok against his will. Kim on her end called Kanye's comments "constant attacks," and expressed her desire to privately resolve their issues.

It seems, however, that the "All of the Lights" rapper is still hoping to rekindle him romance with his ex, even if they're both dating other people. Kim has been dating Pete Davidson, while Kanye has been spending time with actress Julia Fox.

"Kanye still has hope that him and Kim will get back together and he has been telling his close friends that they will," a source tells ET. "Kanye has been lashing out on social media because he is really hurt. He misses his kids and wants what is best for his family. Everything he has been doing has been coming from a place of feeling deeply hurt and detached from the people he loves the most in the world."

The source adds that "all Kanye cares about is that his family is good, taken care of and happy. He has been showing it in the wrong way, but that's all that matters to him. This is his way of fighting to get his family back."

However, a previous source told ET last week that "Kim has been very hurt and upset by Kanye's antics involving her recently. She has been trying to take the high road, be the bigger person, ignore it as best as she could, and live her life."

"With Kanye's latest Instagram post, she felt like her only choice was to finally respond because he involved North in a very public way," the source added. See more in the video below.