Kanye West Teases Latest Yeezy Shoe Collection -- and It's His Wildest Yet!


Kanye West revived his Twitter account over the weekend and is treating fans to not only updates about his new music, but he's also teasing his upcoming Yeezy collection.

The 40-year-old rapper and fashion designer has been showing off a slew of footwear, including sneakers in all shades, slip-ons and heels. But the wildest look yet is the track pant boot, which combines the latest athleisure trend of track pants and track suits with a sexy pointed-toe boot.

The black sporty boot easily slips on, features a manageable heel and can be worn over Yeezy sweatpants, as Kanye shows off in a pic that he posted on Twitter on Friday. Could this be the next big trend?

Fans can also catch a glimpse at a lucite heel on the model's opposite foot. Kanye later shared another closer look at the transparent heel, which we can easily see Kim Kardashian West rocking.

If you're looking for a sportier shoe, Kanye's got you covered. Continuing his "dad sneaker" trend, he showed off a Yeezy 451 early prototype, as well as another futuristic-looking design.

If you'd rather go for the classic Yeezy sneaker, pick and choose your color from the pic below.

No word on when the track pant boot and lucite heels will arrive in stores, but we're sure Kanye will keep his fans updated.


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