Kanye West's $55 'Brunchella' Meals Dragged for Reported Scant Offerings: See the Fyre Festival Comparisons

Kanye West
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Attendees at Kanye West's "Brunchella" were not happy.

On Friday, the 42-year-old rapper's Sunday Service performed at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, drawing a massive crowd. Although the concert was free, attendees could opt in for a $55 "Brunchella" meal prior to the concert. However, when one concertgoer saw what they were getting for their money, they took to social media to express their outrage and dismay.

"This is the wonderful & COLD brunch BUFFET we are being served by Boil & Roux Br. & the server looked at me crazy when I asked for another pancake," one attendee wrote on Facebook alongside an image of a meager two pancakes, two slices of bacon and a sausage patty on a Styrofoam plate, which was quickly compared to the infamous cheese sandwich at the Fyre Festival on social media. The hashtag #YeezyFyreFestival even began to circulate.

The event's caterer, Lauryn's Fine Catering, released a statement on Sunday addressing the controversy.

"Like much of the city, we were excited about the opportunity to be a part of Kanye West's Sunday Service and Brunchella," the statement reads. "We were contacted only 28 hours prior to the event, after the $55 price had been set by the organizers, not Lauryn's Fine Catering. We agreed to assist the local organizers with providing a breakfast buffet for over 2,000 guests. While we typically do not fulfill large, full-service orders with less than a month's notice, we chose to assist the organizers whom we believed to be affiliated with Kanye's team at an incredibly reduced rate. Our company additionally provided staffing, tables, and linens at little or no cost."

"We regret that our food ordered by the organizers, was not what the guests had envisioned, and did not remain hot at all times, as the warming dishes were susceptible to the 35 degree weather, and our goal was to serve the more than 2,000 VIP guests as quickly as possible," the statement continues. "It has been our primary focus for the past twenty years to provide top notch service to our guests. It is our hope that the multiple compliments we received from event guests outweigh the negative experiences received from circumstances outside of our control. As with every event, we will use this experience as an opportunity to grow, and we hope to strengthen our credibility and service for years to come."

But the food wasn't only part of the gathering that drew comparisons with the 2017 debacle. Another concertgoer shared photos of the VIP entrance and VIP area, which was, in essence, a small hill nearby.

"Like they really had us hanging out on a hill away from the stage, promised we'd be ushered in later, only to hit us with 'nope.' ???!" they wrote alongside an image of the scant offering on Twitter, later adding, "They just need to process refunds quickly. #Brunchella."

On top of these grievances, West's performance was delayed by an hour and a half. In the meantime, a four-track playlist played on a loop for attendees.

"Kanye West concert in Baton Rouge was supposed to start at 6," another attendee tweeted. "It's now 730 and STILL, no Kanye. Same playlist still on repeat. Slowly losing sanity."

When he did arrive, West, who released his new album, Jesus Is King in October, posed for photos with fans. Chicago, North and Saint were all spotted with their famous father at the event.

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