Karamo Brown Promises to Bring 'Sex Appeal' to Week 4 of 'Dancing With the Stars' (Exclusive)

Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson DWTS promo shoot

Karamo Brown is so ready to heat up the ballroom this week!

ET exclusively crashed one of the Queer Eye star's rehearsals with pro partner Jenna Johnson in Los Angeles, where they teased what fans can expect from their week four performance on Dancing With the Stars.

This week, the two will be dancing the Tango, and have their fingers crossed for a better score than 16/30, which they received for their Rocketman-inspired Jive during Movie Night. Karamo tells ET, however, that he isn't letting the judges' critiques get in the way of his focus.

"Not giving a flying freaking butt about what the judges have to say because I realized when you do that, you start to get in the mode of, like, doubting yourself," he jokes. "That's why this shirt [I'm wearing] says 'Doing not doubting,' because I'm not about doubting myself anymore."

"I've been working hard," he adds. "I'm not a dancer, but I'm having a good time."

Plus, when you get the stamp of approval from Rocketman himself, Elton John, do you really need anyone else's opinion?

"I was blown away," Karamo recalls, of seeing Elton's comment on an Instagram post about their dance. "I feel like my life is complete. Like, when you have icons that say, 'Oh, we see you, you did a good job,' it's sort of, like, 'mic drop.' We're done."

"Elton, if you wanna ever come dance with us, please know that we're down to dance with you," he continues. "We'll do more songs. Seriously. I love you, Elton. Whatever you want, I will do."

All jokes aside, Jenna says that because Karamo is a perfectionist, it can sometimes hurt him. 

"I think it hurts me as well because I'm also a perfectionist," she admits. "We have these, like, battling of ourselves [some days] where we're like beating ourselves apart, but I think this has been a great week for us. We're taking a different approach. We're doing this for him, we're doing this for me, we're doing this for us and I'm very excited."

Although #TeamJeranamo couldn't reveal too much about what they've been cooking up in rehearsals, Karamo teases they'll definitely be giving fans (and guest judge Leah Remini!) "sex appeal" during week four.

"I will say that no one has seen him be sexy yet on the show," Jenna explains. "And he is in his element."

ET got a sneak peek look at their Tango, and we think it's safe to say the Tango is, indeed, a dance made for Karamo. He's hoping at least one of the judges will see that, too.

"No, seriously, let me tell you something. All the other dances [I've done] have all been fast and have taken me, like, four or five days to get because it's, like, high-paced. And nobody else has done fast dance like this on the entire cast!" he says. "This week, it took me one day to get the dance down, and now we're perfecting. It took me one day ... only one day!"

"I met [Leah] two weeks ago and she came to me and she was like, 'Love Queer Eye, love you, you're amazing.' I was like, 'Thank you, Leah, love everything you do," he continues. "Want a 10, please!"

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Monday to watch more from Karamo and Jenna's interview, and see how their rehearsals paid off when week four of Dancing With the Stars kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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