'Dancing With the Stars': Find Out Which Celeb Is Going Home At the End of Movie Week!

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The ballroom competition is heating up in a surprising way on this week's Dancing With the Stars!

The celebrated reality dancing series returns Monday evening for the show's fan-favorite Movie Night -- featuring performances themed after beloved cinematic classics, and ET is following along for the whole two hours to break down all the best dances and the most surprising moments.

One of the most shocking developments has already happened, hours before the show even kicked off, when it was revealed that NFL legend Ray Lewis and pro partner Cheryl Burke have withdrawn from tonight's competition. A source tells ET that the decision was due to an injury Lewis recently sustained, although details are expected to be announced during tonight's show.

ABC previously announced that Movie Night would conclude with season's second elimination, but it's possible that Lewis' surprising withdrawal might mean the rest of the dancers are safe this week. The show kicks off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET will be bringing you all the highlights in real time.

And the Star Going Home Is...

6:59 PM:

No one!

As it turns out, the bottom two vote earners were Kel and Witney and Lamar and Peta.

As they stand on stage, Len announcs some good news: Due to Ray dropping out, this week no one is going home!

So, that means Lamar will have one more chance to wow the judges, and if he can't, it's likely he'll be heading home at the end of next week. We'll see!

Here's where the stars stand at the end of Movie Week:

Ally & Sasha - 24
Kate & Pasha - 24
James & Emma - 23
Sailor & Val - 23
Hannah & Alan - 21
Kel & Witney - 20
Lauren & Gleb - 20
Karamo & Jenna - 16
Sean & Lindsay - 15
Lamar & Peta - 12

Sean and Lindsay Go Disco

6:50 PM:

Well, they saved Sean and Lindsay for last, and maybe that makes sense, since most John Travolta fans might have tune out sooner after seeing Sean pay tribute the actor's character from Saturday Night Fever.

Dancing a cha-cha to Bee Gee's "Night Fever," Sean walked around a lot.

Len said it was less "Saturday Night Fever and more 'Monday night luke-warm."

Bruno said he was "brilliant" for being able to create a memorable disaster of a dance.

Carrie Ann also gives vague, trying-to-be-supportive feedback, and then they got their as-expected scores: 5s across the board for a total of 15 out of 30. (As if they were somehow 3 full points better than Lamar and Peta?)

Anyway, eliminations are up next. Maybe they'll be going home, or maybe Ray Lewis dropping out means no one goes home. We'll see!

Kel & Witney Deliver a 'Titanic' Rumba

6:43 PM:

For their Titanic-inspired rumba, Kel is decked out in a black tux and tails, while Witney is stunning in a royal blue number, and the pair actually pull off a surprisingly romantic number set to "My Heart Will Go On."

The performance is filled with the kind of serious theatricality that seems super out-of-the-norm for Kel, and it's legitimately impressive.

Carrie Ann says it was "really solid dancing" but says he needs to figure out how to include more of his natural energy.

Len said he "needed more shaping in his hand." So, Len's nitpicking, which is actually a compliment. Eventually, he says it's "a good, solid performance."

Bruno agrees that Kel has a lot of potential and has the talent to get better and better.

The pair earn a very respectable score of 20 out of 40 -- getting 7s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and a 6 from Len -- placing them in the middle of the pack tonight.

Sailor and Val Make It All About 'Mamma Mia'

6:35 PM:

In case you forgot, Sailor joined the show because her mom got hurt. And also, she loves her mom, and wants to dedicate her performances to her.

She showed this again when she and Val paid tribute to Mamma Mia! with a tango set to the ABBA hit single of the same name, and it was a fun number that captured the carefree spirit of the movie.

Bruno compliments how hard Sailor has been working on her dance, and said it was a "great, feel-good tango."

Carrie Ann gave them a "huge congratulations for a huge leap forward."

Len even loved it, saying the tango has "lots of energy" and a lot of great moments.

"Mamma Mia! is my favorite movie, and I just wanted to make my mama, and Meryl, proud," Sailor told Erin after the judges' feedback.

As for their scores, they earned their best numbers of the season thus far with a 7 from Carrie Ann and 8s from Len and Bruno for a total of 23 out of 30. They are now tied with James and Emma for second place on the leaderboard.

Lamar and Peta Are Getting Down to 'Risky Business'

6:24 PM:

In the pre-taped package, Lamar and Peta reveal that they are doing a cha-cha set to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in reference to Risky Business.

"Peta is like the Kobe Bryant of ballroom dancing," Lamar says in the package, before taking a call from Kobe himself, who jokingly wishes him luck.

As for the dance itself, Lamar kicks things off in nothing but a button-down shirt and boxer shorts as they re-create the iconic Tom Cruise-in-his-underwear scene from Risky Business. 

The dance starts off fun and strong, but after Lamar misses a step, it goes down hill fast until it's over. The confetti cannon also makes a comeback at the end, so that's fun.

Len says the dance was going OK until "the wheels came off a bit."

Bruno agrees that Lamar couldn't maintain the quality of the dance right until the end, but that he appreciates the enthusiasm.

Carrie Ann says she loves how Lamar is channeling the energy from his fans in the audience.

The scores, however, stayed as unfortunately dismal as last week. The pair earn 4s across the board for a total of 12 out of 30.

Kate & Pasha Celebrate

6:14 PM:

In the pre-taped package, Kate and Pasha reveal that they feel encouraged by their great scores last week.

"I was left speechless, and I am never speechless!"

"I know!" Pasha shoots back. "I'm with you 24/7, I know you're never speechless."

So, to recapture that magic, they are doing a quickstep to the Dolly Parton hit "9 to 5" -- from the movie of the same name.

Rocking retro '80s ensembles -- including a perm on Kate and a bushy mustache on Pasha -- the pair deliver a fun, energetic quickstep that is an instant hit with the audience.

Kate's experience with comedy allows her to really get into character, and it feels like she's living the dance to it's fullest.

Carrie Ann couldn't contain her excitement, telling Kate, "You're working hard and it's paying off."

Len had nothing but praise as well, (literally nothing but compliments), and Bruno said the dance is "a hit."

The show is running low on time, so they cut right to the judges scores, and the pair snag 8s across the board for a very impressive 24 out of 30 -- tying Hannah for the top spot on the leaderboard!

James and Emma Get 'Shallow'

6:05 PM:

For James and Emma's Movie Night performance, the partners are paying tribute to A Star Is Born with a rumba set to the Oscar-winning song "Shallow."

The pre-taped package introduces us to James' wife, whom he dedicates the dance to when she comes to visit him and Emma during rehearsals.

However from how emotional and romantic the number is, it makes sense that they'd want to reiterate how very married James is, to avoid the typical "showmance" rumors that follow every couple when they do a romantic number.

Featuring moody golden lighting and classic ensembles, James and Emma deliver a powerful number that tells a love story.

"The audience is going gaga for James, and for good reason," Bruno gushes, adding "There was nothing shallow about that performance."

Carrie Ann says there was "so much poetry" in the number and called the entire thing "stunning."

Len said he got "a little bit wide" in his leg action, and that the dance was a little bit too much on the "passionate side," whatever that means.

However, you always know that when the judges start critiquing specific steps and techniques, that means they think the celeb actually has talent and potential. So this could be pretty good for the pair.

As for their scores, Carrie Ann and Bruno award them 8s, while Len gives a 7, for a total of 23 out of 30.

Here's What Happened to Ray Lewis

5:55 PM:

As it turns out, Ray is out for the season.

Lewis explains in a pre-taped package, "At a game in 2010, I tore a tendon in my foot. And now, with all of this dancing... I'm reliving a problem I never thought I'd have to relive again."

"I've dealt with pain every practice, but when he read that MRI today, I knew something was wrong," he said, explaining that a doc told him he'd torn three tendons in his foot. "This is the hardest decision of my life, but I have to make sure I don't damage something to the point where I can't walk."

"It was absolutely incredible. I'll never forget this," Ray added of his time on the show.

However, not wanting to let the Ferris Bueller tribute go to waste, former Mirrorball champ and fellow NFL star Rashad Jennings stepped in for a fun performance that was a lovely send-off for Ray.

Ally & Sasha Pay Tribute to 'Selena'

5:46 PM:

For Ally Brooke, Selena -- both the movie and the singer -- holds an important place in her heart, so for Movie Night, she and Sasha are dancing a rumba set to Selena's "Dreaming Of You."

With fog machines on high, the emotional performance has an ethereal, appropriately dream-like quality, that is a perfect match for Ally and Sasha's delicate rumba.

Smartly, this sweet number doesn't end with a confetti cannon.

Len seems to love the number, calling it a "great job." (Ally also gives him a high-five, to which he says "don't ever touch me again." He really is a grumpy dude).

Bruno calls the entire number "beautiful and Carrie Ann praised the "unapologetically amazing rumba."

Speaking with Erin after the feedback, Ally explains that her family is actually friends with Selena's family, and marvels,  "Selena is always in my heart forever, so I hope I made them proud."

She definitely should be proud of herself for their impressive score. The pair earned three 8s for a total of 24 out of 30 -- which matches last week's high score and places them comfortably at the top of tonight's leaderboard.



Karamo and Jenna Jive to 'Rocketman'

5:34 PM:

For their performance, Karamo and Jenna are dancing a Jive set to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing," in tribute to the recent biopic Rocketman.

After getting a supportive video message from the film's star, Taron Egerton, the pair don two-tone black and white ensembles -- including  a stunning tux-and-tails on Karamo -- for a high-energy Jive that (and Tom Bergeron points out) ends in yet another confetti cannon explosion.

Carrie Ann gets booed right off the bat when she says it was "not the greatest" and that there were "a lot of mistakes," which she says Karamo realizes.

Len, who's in a remarkably good mood tonight, started by complimenting "the mix of steps" that Karamo performed, and how he got right down to business. Then he compares making mistakes in dance to getting a hickie, "No matter how much you try and cover it up, people know it's there."

Tom hilariously says this is the show's "first hickie reference in 28 seasons."

Bruno agrees that there were problems, but says that he thinks Karamo will come back next week "bigger and better than ever."

As for their scores, the results are kind of harsh. Carrie Ann and Len award 5s, while Bruno gives a 6 for a total of 16 out of 30.

Hannah and Alan Channel 'Bridesmaids'

5:23 PM:

For their rumba, Alan and Hannah are channeling Bridesmaids with a rumba set to "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips.

In the pre-taped package, Hannah explains that Bridesmaids "perfectly correlates" to her life right now, as she's getting ready to throw a bachelorette party for her friend.

Then, we get a look at the bachelorette party, which Alan crashes by posing as a stripper cop. It's was hilariously weird.

The dance itself was wedding-themed, and was warmly received by the crowd, but not so much by a few of the judges.

"There was no hip action," Carrie Ann remarked, calling the number "a cheer-leading dance."

"You have got beautiful musicality," Len complimented. He admitted that there needed to be more "hip action" but concluded on a positive note calling Hannah a "beautiful dancer."

The pair ended up getting three sevens across the board for a total of 21 out of 30. It's a 3-point drop from last week, but still sure to secure them a spot near the top of this week's leaderboard.

Lauren & Gleb Pay Tribute to 'Pretty Woman'

5:10 PM:

Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko are celebrating movie night with a tango, themed around the iconic romantic drama Pretty Woman.

Lauren says in the pre-taped package that she's "so excited" for the dance, and she plans to "tap into Julia Roberts' character" for the dance.

As for their actual tango, the pair start the number with Gleb in a red convertible on stage, before the pair deliver a fun, sassy number set to the Roy Orbison classic "Pretty Woman."

It's a cute routine that ends in a shower of confetti and even some love from Len. He says the dance is "full of attack, drive and purpose."

Bruno compliments her "full throttle" and "racy" tango, and, despite a few notes, says it's a great performance.

Carrie Ann, however, seems to have the biggest issues with the dance. She says she loves the confidence but that she needs to work on her "musicality."

Speaking with Erin, Lauren explains that she was nervous to play the Pretty Woman character because, "I'm a Christian country girl, but then I had to put my foot on the hood of a car and rub my hand down my leg!"

However, she impressed the judges. The star earned a 6 from Carrie Ann and 7s from Bruno and Len for a total of 20 out of 30.

'DWTS' Is Classing It Up

5:04 PM:

Tonight's intro is next-level classy, with the show's talented group of pros decked out in white tuxes.

They also explained that Ray Lewis is out of the competition tonight because "and old injury flared up" but they are waiting to share details.

Live voting is now open, and here we go!

Move Night Is Here!

5:00 PM:

Movie Night is here, and I cannot wait to see what the stars and pros have in store!

Here's a look at how the stars stand coming into tonight's show, based on last week's scores:

Hannah & Alan - 24
Kate & Pasha - 21
James & Emma - 20
Ally & Sasha - 20
Kel & Witney - 20
Karamo & Jenna - 19
Lauren & Gleb - 19
Sailor & Val - 18
Sean & Lindsay - 16
Ray & Cheryl - 15
Mary & Brandon - 15
Lamar & Peta - 12

Last week, fans had to bid farewell to The Supremes' Mary Wilson and her partner, Brandon Armstrong. Wilson and Lewis were the bottom two contestants and after a vote by the judges, Lewis was saved and Wilson was sent packing.

Check out the video below for more on last week's surprising DWTS.


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