Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke to Withdraw From 'Dancing With the Stars' Monday Night (Exclusive)

A source tells ET the former NFL star sustained an injury.

Looks like Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke won't be competing on Dancing With the Stars Monday night.

A source tells ET that the two plan to withdraw from the dance competition show tonight due to an injury that the former NFL star has sustained.

ET has reached out to ABC for comment.

Over the weekend, Lewis shared a lengthy post to Instagram about "finding balance between work, family and rest."

"Don't get me wrong -- I understand the grind -- the effort and commitment it takes is unparalleled," he wrote. "But when you finally level up what else will be left? Did you cut off your friends and family or sacrifice your mental health?"

"Make time for what matters," he added. "Take care of yourself. Mind, Body, and Spirit. #NoExcuses."

Burke also shared a post that raised eyebrows... a photo of herself in her trailer, looking into the distance. "Hair courtesy of @kelseygusto, glam courtesy of @crabichuk, deep thought courtesy of the upcoming live show. #DWTS," she captioned it.

The news comes a week after Lewis and Burke found themselves in danger of elimination. After being announced as one of the two bottom couples, the dancing duo was saved by the judges, who sent Mary Wilson and pro Brandon Armstrong home.

"I think I peed myself just a little bit," Burke joked at the time. "I've always wanted to see what happens if I did that on the dance floor."

"You know how it's never really the bottom two and it's, like, so wishy-washy? Now it is what it is and the judges are gonna choose," she added of the new judges' save. "Hopefully the audience is either/or. You need to get the audience on your side so you're not in the bottom two or the judges. And the dancing, the quality's gotta come up a level."

Lewis said he's had plenty of "terrible games" when he was playing professional football, but said his time in the ballroom last week wasn't "a bad day" whatsoever.

"Look, I'm confident in my partner, man!" he exclaimed. "It's how you can get back up, go back in the gym and go back to work."

Hear more in the video below.


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