Kate Flannery Shares Her Favorite Meredith 'The Office' Scene (Exclusive)

The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant reminisced on 'The Office' while guest co-hosting ET.

Kate Flannery wants an Office revival just as much as its fans!

The Dancing With the Stars contestant co-hosted Tuesday's episode of ET, where she shared that there unfortunately is no update on the show ever coming back.

"I have not seen a script," Flannery -- who portrayed Meredith on the comedy -- told ET's Keltie Knight, before joking adding, "I've written three, but no one's accepted them yet…No, in my mind I've written them. In my mind."

While The Office isn't coming back any time soon, Flannery did share her character's favorite moment.

"I don't like to toot my own horn, but 'Casual Friday' is one of my all-time favorite," Flannery said while laughing and shaking her head. During her hosting gig with ET, Flannery also played a fun game of "That's What Kate Said," where she replied which The Office cast member is Most Like Their Character, Least Like Their Character, Most Likely to Date Someone They Met on Set and more.

She also reacted to ET's first interview with her from 1994, where she portrayed Carol Brady in a theater production. 

"I was Jane Lynch's understudy, and I ended up taking over the role," she told ET. Watch the video above for more.