Kate Hudson Calls Out Brother Oliver for Interviewing Her Ex Alex Rodriguez

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Kate Hudson and her older brother, Oliver Hudson, are getting real about their thoughts on each other's past relationships.

The siblings appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Tuesday, and the topic of their exes came up. At one point, Cohen brought up the fact that Oliver recently interviewed Alex Rodriguez on his podcast, Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson Have Daddy Issues. Kate and the former baseball pro actually dated in 2009, though their relationship lasted less than a year.

Kate playfully called out Oliver for not giving her a heads-up about talking to her ex on his podcast.

"He didn't even say, like, 'Hey, I'm thinking about interviewing your ex-boyfriend. Like, is that cool?" Kate said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Oliver explained, "I didn't want to get a no."

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Kiss at a Yankees Family Picnic Day in 2009
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But 43-year-old Oliver insisted that he made a conscious effort not to bring up 41-year-old Kate and 44-year-old Rodriguez's past relationship during their chat, and also shared a specific memory he has of Rodriguez while he was still dating his sister.

"I'm not going to talk about their relationship, but I do have one beautiful memory when we were in Canada and I'm waking up in the morning and, like, A-Rod is waist-deep in the morning sun doing these stretches and I'm like, 'Who is this man?'" Oliver recalled as Kate burst out laughing.

During their WWHL appearance, the duo was also asked about their feelings about each other's exes. Oliver said he never had an issue with any of the men Kate used to date.

"No, I wasn't your typical protective older brother," he explained. "Kate was a strong, strong woman from the get-go, so she could take care of herself."

Kate jokingly replied, "He just never really had my back is really what he's saying. It's just an excuse. No, it's not true, he's helped me many times when my heart was broken."

But the actress had no issue spilling a little info about a few of Oliver's ex-girlfriends that she wasn't fond of.

"I had a couple girls, like ... he had one particular girlfriend, her voice drove me nuts," she recalled. "She just asked him to do things all the time. 'Can you, like, get me something from downstairs?' And then I'd hear it and be like, 'Oh, my God, like, cannot be the one.' And there were a couple that would just float in and out that I'd be like, 'See ya, I guess,' but other than that ... we're a very freewheeling type of family. We just sort of of accept whatever is at the moment."

Of course, these days, Oliver is happily married to actress Erinn Bartlett and they have three children together. Meanwhile, Kate has been dating musician Danny Fujikawa since 2016 and they welcomed their daughter, Rani, in 2018.

Watch the video below to see ET's adorable first interview with both Kate and Oliver, in which the two talked about their famous mom, Goldie Hawn.


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