Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Her Reaction to Son Cody Naming His Son After His Late Dad Frank

Kathie Lee Gifford

The actress called into 'Today With Hoda & Jenna' to discuss her growing family.

Kathie Lee Gifford's son, Cody, welcomed his baby into the world on Tuesday, and when it came to choosing a name for his son, he decided to keep it in the family. 

The TV personality called into Today With Hoda & Jenna to discuss her new role as a grandmother and revealed her grandson's name is none other than Frank Michael Gifford, in honor of her late husband who died in 2015

"I was surprised Cody named him after his dad because Cody knew what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a great man," she said. "But I guess he's never gotten over, really, and he never will, the loss of his dad at an early age and he was his hero and he still is," Kathie Lee continued. 

In April, Kathie Lee spoke with ET about how thrilled Frank would be for Cody and his wife, Erika.

"It's funny, I was saying to my son last night that, 'Daddy would be so happy, honey, with so many things going on in our lives. Daddy would be -- Daddy's smiling,'" she gushed.

The name Frank Michael is sentimental to Erika's family as well. Kathie Lee revealed her grandson's middle name "means gift of God but it's also the name of Erika's recently deceased, beloved uncle, so both sides of the family got blessed by this."

Detailing the name choice, Erika wrote, "Frank 'Frankie' after C’s pops & Michael after my uncle who passed away last year at 61 whose name also means 'gift of God' Two strong men — gone but never forgotten."

Cody and Erika got married in September 2020 and announced they were expecting in December 2021. At the time, Kathie Lee shared a video of the happy couple from their wedding, which ended with a positive pregnancy test. "I am over a blue or pink moon!!! I don’t care which. So so happy for you both, and for our family. Praise our Living and Loving God!"

Kathie Lee told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that although baby Frank was born three weeks premature, both he and Erika are doing well post-birth. "I'm so thrilled that Erika came through so well. That baby is nursing already and getting all the [nutrients] it needs. And Cody just started to bawl like the baby he used to be when I had him," she continued.

Now, when it comes to Kathie Lee's new identity as the matriarch of the growing family, "I didn't give anybody a choice of what they're going to call me. I took the matters into my own hands," she joked. 

"I have a dear friend down here and his Israeli mother, I asked her, 'What's a good word for a Jewish grandmother?'" Kathie Lee continued. "And she goes, 'Bubbalah. It's Bubbie.' It's a Yiddish word … and it means dearest one, like cherished one. And the little kid only goes 'ba ba ba ba ba' anyway, so I think it's going to be easy."

Mazel tov!