Kathy Griffin Questions Anderson Cooper's Relationship With Late Mother Gloria Vanderbilt: I 'Knew Her Better'

The comedian opened up about her former friend and her own close bond with his late mother.

It seems that the bad blood still runs deep between Kathy Griffin and former pal Anderson Cooper.

While promoting her upcoming comedy-documentary, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story, in an interview with AM to DM on Wednesday, the outspoken stand-up star addressed the recent death of Cooper's mother, famed socialite heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, going so far as to assert her bond with the iconic high society figure may have been stronger than what the CNN anchor had with his late mom.

"I was really in love with Anderson’s mom, the great Gloria Vanderbilt. She let me call her Glo-Vandy," the comic recalled, noting that she still hears Vanderbilt's voice in her head to this day. "She gave me so many life lessons when we would chat, and I actually kind of knew her better than Anderson in a way."

When asked if Cooper had reached out to her following Vanderbilt's death -- or their high-profile falling out back in May 2017, when Griffin became the target of a massive public backlash after posing for a photo in which she appeared to be holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump -- the 58-year-old TV personality said, "No, Anderson’s not really wired that way."

"He and [CNN exec] Jeff Zucker are kind of cut from the same cloth, and I've [also] known Jeff for a long time, but look, a lot of these older white guys hate me," Griffin said, "and they’ve hated me for years, because I’ve been a ballsy chick my whole career and I’ve never learned my lesson," 

"Misogyny and sexism are part of my message, and as I get older, I don't have a f**k left to give," she added. "I really don't."

Griffin and Cooper, who had formed a friendship over the years and frequently co-hosted  CNN's annual New Year’s Eve special, fell out over the infamous bloody Trump photo. After the outcry, Cooper tweeted that he was "appalled" by Griffin's photo, and added that the image was "disgusting and completely inappropriate." Griffin said she felt betrayed by his actions and lack of support.

As for Cooper's relationship with his mother, the CNN newsman was revealed to be the primary beneficiary of her sizable fortune after she died from stomach cancer last month at age 95. 

Before Vanderbilt's will was publicly revealed, Cooper said he hadn't expected to inherit any money, telling Howard Stern in an interview, "My mom's made clear to me that there's no trust fund. There's none of that… I'm doing fine on my own. I don't need any… I don't believe in inheriting money. I think it’s an initiative sucker, I think it’s a curse."

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