'Katy Keene' Season 2: Lucy Hale Teases What Could Come After Those Finale Twists (Exclusive)

Lucy Hale breaks down the season 1 finale of 'Katy Keene.'

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

OMG. That season 1 finale of Katy Keene threw so many surprises at us we don’t even know where to begin. We do need some serious answers though and thankfully star Lucy Hale was able to provide us with some.

First of all, could Leo Lacy (Cary Elwes) really be Katy’s dad?

“You know, we would've given it to him really easy if it is,” Hale says. “But I hope so, purely based on who they cast. He’s amazing... It would be great for him to just join us and I love that Katy just immediately jumps to, ‘I think you're my dad.’ That's just her in a nutshell. She doesn't have a filter. And we love her for it.”

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In a surprise twist, it turns out we hadn’t seen the last of Prince Errol (Saamer Usmani), er, Errol. You know, since he pulled a Prince Harry, left the royal family and decided to become ‘financially independent.’ But more on that later.  

Errol saved Lacy’s from closing, which means we should probably assume (if we get a season 2) that his love connection with Katy isn’t totally over.

“He's technically the big boss in charge,” Hale explains. “So Katy has got a few men in her life and she's got some options. But I guess where we end off the season, anything goes. It could easily go in the direction of Guy (Luke Cook), K.O. (Zane Holtz) or Prince Errol."

“So we kinda leave it up to next season to see what happened. But it definitely -- I've sort of come up with some narratives in my mind. It'll just be interesting to see if I'm completely off or not,” she adds while laughing.

Regardless of whether Katy and Errol spark up their romance again, we have to give it up to the show’s writers for throwing in that Prince Harry joke. As it turns out, it’s a bit full circle for Hale. She tells ET she actually filmed her very first pilot in L.A. with Meghan Markle. YES. That Meghan Markle.

“So get this, I did my first-ever pilot with Meghan Markle,” Hale reveals. “I didn't realize this because none of my scenes were with her. But it was an ABC pilot when I had just moved to LA. I was, like, 16. It was called Secrets of a Small Town and she was in that pilot."

“I remember at the table read I was like, ‘Oh my god, she's so beautiful.’ But I don't think I ever spoke to her… But I've never met Prince Harry. Only in my dreams!” she says with a laugh.

“We needed Prince Harry and Meghan to step away so we could have that lovely storyline on Katy Keene," she jokes. “We're very grateful.”

Another fun finale twist was Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) showing up and pretty much threatening Jorge/Ginger’s (Jonny Beauchamp) family.

“I love it and I think that, from what I hear, Riverdale is flash-forwarding so, if their... 'cause our show takes place five years in the future… So, if Riverdale and Katy Keene are in the same timeline, I feel like there could be really cool crossovers. I hope, you know, CW's listening because I've got ideas,” Hale quips.

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Of course, we’ve already seen a few Riverdale favorites pop up in NYC. Veronica (Katy’s close pal), Kevin and, naturally, Josie, who is a big component of Katy’s world. Hale thinks a certain vixen should make a pit stop in the Big Apple though.

“I feel like we need some spicy Cheryl in Katy Keene,” she says. “I just love her. I love Madelaine [Petsch] and what she's done with that character is so great. And she loves red. Cheryl and Katy both love red, and they can bond over red lipstick... We've got ideas.”

As for all those season 2 hopes, things are still up in the air. A second season of the fun series hasn’t yet been greenlit and the current pandemic adds even more question marks about whether we’ll get more Katy. Hale is hopeful though.

“Along with a lot of other things going on, so much is up in the air. I think the biggest thing with our show is that it films in New York and who knows when filming will resume there,” she explains. “So it's kind of -- everything is uncertain, so it's kind of a scary time for a lot of things, but like I said, I'm remaining optimistic. We leave off on a good spot for everyone in the show and I think Katy's taking the next step at becoming a designer… What I love about the finale is that everyone chooses themselves. Like, I'm gonna fall in love with myself. I'm gonna fall in love with my dream. And I kinda think that that's cool.”

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