Katy Perry Has Steamy Romance in 'Harleys in Hawaii' Music Video

Katy Perry
Katy Perry/YouTube

Katy Perry had a special gift for fans on Wednesday -- a music video to accompany her new single, "Harleys in Hawaii."

The 34-year-old songstress is first shown cruising around on one of the titular motorcycles, sporting a leather jacket and gold helmet, in the picturesque islands as the laid-back song kicks off. Soon, Perry and her crew head to an out-of-the-way bar, where she naturally takes the stage as patrons get in fights.

Next, the singer ends up on the beach, where she and a handsome, tattooed stranger do some canoodling around sunset. The music video ends back at a hotel, where, after dancing and munching on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Perry cuddles with her biker fella as the sun is coming up.

This is the singer's third single off of her upcoming album following "Never Really Over" and "Small Talk." On Monday, Perry announced that the new track was on its way this week by unveiling the '60s-tinged cover artwork.

As fans know, Perry and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, have vacationed in Hawaii together in the past. And the leading man is regularly spotted out and about on motorcycles, though not necessarily on Harleys. Back in July, the singer was spotted in Hawaii without Bloom. Why? She was shooting this very music video, posing with female friends for the clip's beach scenes.

While Perry continues to churn out new music, she's also keeping ridiculously busy as a judge on American Idol, where, earlier this month, Ryan Seacrest admitted that he and Perry have already been brought to tears by the auditions.

"Katy and I were actually crying [while] watching [an audition]" Seacrest told ET of a mother who patiently waited for her chance to sing for the stars.  

"That's what this American Idol is about," Perry added. "It's about finding that special moment, making someone's dream come true. It is, like, truly the definition of American dream, which sometimes we feel is a little shaky and the time we're living in now, like, what do we have to believe in? And I think that we can believe in humans again and talent."

Luke Bryan chimed in, saying, "That a mother of two can get in her car, be determined, say she's not going to hear the word no."

"She came to collect it," added Lionel Richie, with Perry saying, "And she's going to Hollywood!"

Check out Perry's smoldering new video above.


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