Katy Perry Wants Lionel Richie to Sing at Her and Orlando Bloom's Wedding


The 'Firework' singer got engaged to Bloom on Valentine's Day.

Katy Perry's wedding to Orlando Bloom is shaping up, thanks to Lionel Richie

Perry, Richie and their fellow American Idol judge, Luke Bryan, appeared on Friday's episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, where the "Firework" singer revealed that she'd love to have Richie sing at her and Bloom's upcoming nuptials. 

"No, he didn't [ask my permission]," Richie confessed during the interview, as Perry thought of an idea to make it right between the group. 

"You can repay that by singing at our wedding. For free!" she suggested. 

"By the way, I don't mind that," Richie replied. "I am so into our little marriage here, that I've gotta tell you I just feel like we're part of the family."

ET was exclusively on set of Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest recently, as they gushed over Perry's engagement. Ripa joked she had the perfect idea for an engagement present for Perry and Bloom. "I'm gonna record myself singing a Katy Perry [song], and then you can give it to her," she told Seacrest. 

"OK, that's great," he joked. "A performance from Kelly might be a gift, but it's very exciting. She was beaming the next day. Of course, it happened on Valentine's Day, and she came in [to work on American Idol] the next day with the ring." 

"It was funny, I noticed as she was talking to the contestants, she was really giving them a lot of direction with her hand," Seacrest cracked. "But as she should. [It's a] beautiful ring, Orlando."

"I really like them as a couple," Ripa added. "I think that they are so adorable together and he's very funny and she's very funny. It makes sense to me."

See more on Perry and Bloom's engagement in the video below.