Katy Perry's Stylist Jamie Mizrahi Designs Rent the Runway Collection We Predict So Many Celebs Will Wear

Jamie Mizrahi, Katy Perry 1280 split
Rent the Runway, Paul Morigi/Getty Images

The Hollywood stylist teams up with Rent the Runway to create a collection that'll easily take one from work to cocktail hour.

Katy Perry's stylist (yes, the one responsible for the Met Gala chandelier and burger ensembles) designed a fall and winter collection that's functional and fashionable. 

Jamie Mizrahi, who also dresses Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Ashley Benson and Riley Keough, has teamed up with clothing rental subscription site Rent the Runway to create a capsule collection, titled Sweet Baby Jamie after her Instagram handle. The line features cold-weather and holiday pieces to wear from the office to a soiree -- think cozy sweaters and sumptuous velvet dresses to statement coats.

The range is inspired by Mizrahi's own everyday style, but of course still punctuated by fashion-forward flair filtered through her Hollywood stylist eye. 

"For this first collection, my inspiration is my everyday dressing. Just like things in my closet that I find and wear all the time," the L.A.-based fashion maven, who also recently launched the already celeb-beloved undergarment line, The Kit, told ET over the phone. "I mix and rotate on a day-to-day basis. A pair of pants that I find that I’m wearing with all different tops and different sweaters. In my wardrobe, it’s really about quality, not quantity. I could wear the same sweater for a week in seven different ways, so being able to take staple pieces in my wardrobe and get a lot of different wear out of them, which is basically what you can do with the pieces in the collection, which is really fun."

Mizrahi's 18-piece Rent the Runway collection is by rental only through the site's three subscription plans. Not only does this minimize waste and save money, but you can borrow, return and wear multiple items in rotation. 

Standouts include a bright green silk bow dress, a tiger stripe print midi skirt, a pinstripe duster and trouser suit, an Aspen-inspired sweater and a checked double-breasted coat that Mizrahi counts as her favorite. 

Courtesy of Rent the Runway

"I really love the plaid coat. I’m just so excited to wear that because it’s starting to become fall," she shared. "I love coats and it kind of puts together any outfit for you. You can literally be in jeans and a T-shirt and if you have a good coat on then that kind of completes the look." 

Courtesy of Rent the Runway

So, will we see Mizrahi's A-list clients snapped rocking the collection? 

"Hopefully! They’re all going to get it. Let’s hope they wear them and like them," she said. 

The Sweet Baby Jamie collection will be available to rent on Nov. 15. 

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