Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder Bring Hilarious Bitterness to 'Destination Wedding'

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Bearded Keanu Reeves and hard-drinking Winona Ryder aren't here for your romantic drivel and lovey-dovey nonsense in this first trailer for the upcoming anti-rom-com Destination Wedding.

Reeves and Ryder star as Lindsay and Frank, two single misanthropes who end up stuck together at a mutual friend's destination wedding and begrudgingly grow fond of one another -- although you'd never know if from this promo.

Getting off on the wrong foot right out of the airport gate, the pair finds themselves immediately getting on each other's nerves. Things get worse at the reception when they end up getting seated at the table for people that don't really fit anywhere else, and their distaste for one another continues.

While the idea of two people who don't believe in love falling for one another isn't necessarily unexplored territory, it's great to see Reeves show off his deadpan comedy chops and Ryder's performance as an annoyed, entitled contrarian could elevate this above the plethora of mediocre indie rom-coms set at weddings.

Reeves shows off the grave cynicism he perfected for John Wick throughout the trailer, most perfectly in an exchange he shares with Ryder while they pair watch wedding guests dine in a wine cellar.

"Don't you believe there's someone for everyone?" Ryder asks, as they both down red wine.

"Close," Reeves replies. "I believe that there's nobody for anyone."

Reeves and Ryder will be sharing the screen together again for the first time in 26 years, following their performance in the 1992 gothic horror Bram Stoker's Dracula -- and luckily, the 53-year-old actor won't be affecting a notoriously terrible British accent this time.

Both actors are also currently enjoying something of a career renaissance in recent years, with Ryder earning numerous accolades for her role as Joyce Byers on Stranger Things, and Reeves proving himself to be a legitimate action star in the John Wick franchise.

In fact, Reeves will soon be reprising one of his most beloved roles in the upcoming long-awaited third installment in the iconic Bill & Ted series.

Check out the video below to hear more from Reeves about Bill & Ted Face the Music.


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