Kehlani Addresses Her Sexuality Following On-Stage Kiss With Demi Lovato

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Kehlani is ready to live the “Good Life” after her steamy stage kiss with Demi Lovato!

The 23-year-old singer opened up to her fans on Twitter about her sexuality in several since-deleted tweets over the weekend.

“Cuz I keep geddin asked… I’m queer,” she initially tweeted. “No bi, not straight. I’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people. Lil poly pansexual papa hello good morning. Does that answer your questions?”

She added that she’s “least attracted” to straight men, calling bisexual men “little gifts from god.”

Kehlani then chose to delete her original messages after several fans took offense, later explaining her decision.

One fan pointed out that the word “queer” can sometimes be used as an offensive slur, to which Kehlani replied, “D**n, I didn’t know that!! If there’s anyone out there I’ve ever offended with the word, I’m sorry! I’m with the reclaiming of the word but if there’s anyone day loves me dat isn’t, I sorry I lurvvv u.”

She later gave even more clarification into her apology and deleted tweets.

“My identifying as queer wasn’t the issue,” she explained, noting she wasn’t coming out as she’s always been open with her sexuality. “It was the singling out of trans and intersex which sounded transphobic, ignorant and to some, sounding like fetishization. Which is completely wrong, not my intention, and something to say sorry about.”

Kehlani’s profession to her fans comes after she locked lips with Lovato during a concert earlier this month.

Lovato, 25, opened up about the spontaneous moment during “The Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 1.

“I don’t know, we just kissed each other. It wasn’t planned. She totally surprised me and it was perfect,” said the “Sexy Dirty Love” singer, who has previously said she’s attracted to both men and women. “It was awesome.”

For more from Lovato, watch the clip below!


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