Watch Demi Lovato Surprise Fans in Miami, Then Escort Them to Her Show (Exclusive)

The aspiring musicians were stunned when Lovato crashed what they thought was a television commercial audition in Miami, Florida.

Way to give fans a potential “Heart Attack!”

A bunch of unsuspecting Demi Lovato fans got the surprise of their lives when the singer crashed what they thought was an audition for a television commercial in Miami, Florida, and helped them pursue their musical dreams in ET's exclusive first look.

The group of Lyft drivers rocked up to the Gibson Showroom, ready to sing their hearts out after the ride share company put out a call for employees who were also musicians and interested in auditioning for their new ad.

Among the budding singers was Ja’Rae Womack, the niece of the late R&B legend, Bobby Womack, and the great grand-daughter of musician, Sam Cooke. Womack is such a fan she had been busy practicing Lovato’s hit, “Sorry Not Sorry,” for a six-month nightclub gig, but ended up turning down the job -- enabling her to attend the audition set up and meet her idol.

Lovato was particularly touched by Womack, a survivor of domestic violence who addressed the subject in her song, “Sound of a Woman,” which she performed on the day.

“I was inspired by all four amazing Lyft drivers and am so lucky to have had the chance to get to know their personal journeys and make it that much easier for them to pursue their love of music,” Lovato tells ET.

“She’s so inspiring,” adds Womack. “I watched her on Camp Rock and watched her grow up. It was amazing to have another powerful woman standing right next to me.”

In ET's exclusive clip, Womack can be seen looking stunned and exclaiming, “Oh Lord!,” as Lovato appears from nowhere.


“Oh my,” says another shocked driver, Jermaine, while tuning his guitar only to be interrupted by Lovato suddenly entering the room and introducing herself. “Of course, I know who you are!” responds the wide-eyed musician, later adding, “This is not real!”


Lovato then takes in their performances, before springing another surprise on the group. “So, to celebrate Lyft drivers reaching half a billion dollars in tips, I’m here to give you the ultimate tip, which is studio time and two tickets to my concert tonight," she says.

Gifting the foursome with valuable studio time and VIP tickets to her Tell Me You Love Me show, she then jumps into a car with them to head to the concert.

This isn’t the first time that Lovato has gotten sneaky with the company. In 2016, she hilariously went undercover as a driver for their Undercover Lyft series, singing along to her own tracks with oblivious passengers in Denver, Colorado, and even insulting herself during the epic gag.

See more on the prank-loving songstress below.


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