Demi Lovato Does 'Undercover Lyft' and Hilariously Surprises Fans, Sings 'Camp Rock' Songs With Them


Demi Lovato may have found her calling besides music!

The Confident singer used a tour stop in Denver, Colorado, to become an Undercover Lyft driver, where she surprised unsuspecting passengers after making hilariously clandestine and/or self-deprecating references, and singing Camp Rock songs with them.

"Had way too much fun surprising some @lyft passengers on my day off from #CastOnTour & Future Now ? #UndercoverLyft," the 24-year-old singer tweeted Wednesday.

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"I love Lyft, I just started," Lovato says to one of her passengers in the video. "It's a job that's, you know, 'Cool for the Summer.'"

"I've actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend's brother, 'cause he sings too," she said, sneakily bringing up her and Nick Jonas' Future Now Tour. The two actually played in town the night after this episode was filmed!

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And as always, the reveal at the end is the best part.

Check out the episode below, and make sure to give Demi a five-star rating.

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Meanwhile, Lovato Snapchatted herself in a super sexy bikini on the Vancouver, Canada, stop of her tour last week, while sharing in an interview how rehab helped her shed her Disney image.

Watch the video below for more.