Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany Gonzales Reveal Sex of Baby No. 2

Kellan Lutz Brittany Gonzales
David Livingston/Getty Images

The pair announced their baby on the way earlier this month.

Kellan Lutz is gearing up for some father-son moments! The 36-year-old actor took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that he and his wife, Brittany's, second child will be a baby boy. The couple welcomed their daughter, Ashtyn, last year.

In the sweet video, Brittany pulls at strings in a piñata, waiting for one of them to open a trap door and release either pink or blue confetti.

When both pink and blue confetti come out of the piñata, Brittany wonders if she's having twins, before Kellan explains that there was more of one color, the amount of which would reveal the sex of their baby on the way.

After lots of counting, the couple was delighted to discover that they're expecting a baby boy.

Earlier this month Kellan shared a compilation video to announce that baby number two is on the way. The clip featured a shot of a positive pregnancy test, before flashing over to Kellan, who was unknowingly being filmed while looking at his phone.

"I invited him to a calendar event 'Baby #2 due date!!!!'" the text on the screen reads. As soon as the calendar invite popped up on his phone, Kellan exclaimed, "You're pregnant? Oh my gosh! What?"

"I couldn't wait to tell you," Brittany replied through tears, as Kellan hugged her.

The clip next showed footage from a sonogram, before ending by showing Ashtyn rocking a "Big Sister" T-shirt as she posed with her parents.

"2 under 2 in 2022  God is Good! Babies are the Best!" Kellan captioned the post. "Love you forever and always @brittanylynnlutz."

The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, suffered a miscarriage in 2020. Seven months later, the couple announced that they were expecting again.

"A little promise baby! This is not a drill. This is not a throwback. This is another promise being fulfilled," Brittany said in an Instagram video, with Kellan adding, "This is real life. We're pregnant again. If you guys don't know, we are pregnant again."

In February 2021, baby Ashtyn arrived

"The day she came into the world it was snowing, raining, and freezing, but that night she was born and we woke up to sun, clear skies, and winter melting away," Brittany wrote at the time. "It was so symbolic considering this time last year was literally winter for our souls only to be met one year later with the brightest sunshine. She ushered in a new season for us and we love her beyond comprehension."

When ET spoke with Kellan in 2020, he opened up about how he had always wanted to be a dad.

"I've always had a father's heart and I come from a separated family. My parents were divorced and so never felt complete really," he said. "I'm really looking forward to teaching my children the stuff that I learned not to do and what to do and I want a big family. I really want to have a bunch of kids."