Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers Get Insanely Drunk Together in Hilarious Sketch: Watch!

Meyers loudly sings ‘Since U Been Gone’ to the GRAMMY winner.

Sometimes in life there are videos you never knew you needed. Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers day drinking together is one of those videos.

On Thursday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers the pair teamed up for the hilarious sketch, in which they downed an insane amount of booze.

“Sometimes you just need to take a break and drink during the afternoon,” the 44-year-old host explained at the start of the segment.

He then mixed Clarkson, 35, a “Simon Cowell,” which was made up of hot sauce, vodka, hot sauce, bitters, and more hot sauce.

Clarkson mixed together a “Blake Shelton” -- bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Southern Comfort, and bananas, “because he’s dating Gwen Stefani.”

The combination of the two disgusting beverages proved too much for Clarkson, who declared, “I could use some toothpaste. My breath is like hot sauce and bananas!”

After a few more drinks, Meyers performed the cognitive test that Donald Trump’s doctor gave him on Clarkson.

After she properly identified a lion from a drawing, Clarkson was forced to list as many words that begin with the letter “f” as possible in one minute.

When she created a few fake words and Meyers mocked her, Clarkson said, “Shut up, I’m drunk!”

Meyers then explained, “I feel like what’s been missed here is what a fan of yours I am, so I’m going to take a shot and sing to you.”

The SNL alum then put on noise-cancelling headphones and belted out the lyrics to “Since U Been Gone.” The performance brought Clarkson to tears as she doubled over laughing.

The duo then went to the rooftop to shout of phrases they’d written for one another.

Clarkson shouted, “I love the movie From Justin to Kelly” and “I’m only doing this because I’m contractually obligated to do NBC press!” Watch the clip to see all of the hilarious antics.

On a more serious note, Clarkson recently opened up to ET about the Time’s Up movement at the GRAMMYs. Watch the clip below to see what she had to say!