Kelly Marie Tran Teases Her Character's Fate in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' (Exclusive)

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Kelly Marie Tran is celebrating the end of an era! 

The 30-year-old actress, who reprises her role as Rose Tico in the latest Star Wars installment, The Rise of Skywalker, opened up to ET's Ash Crossan at the film's premiere on Monday about wrapping up the iconic franchise. 

"I did cry. It's very emotional. It was very emotional," Tran tells ET. "I've been watching a lot of, like, bad Christmas movies to help with my emotions."

Her favorite in the "bad Christmas movie" genre?  

"Merry Kissmas," she reveals. "There's this monologue at the end in an elevator. It's just gold. Pure gold."

Speaking of pure gold, how does Tran feel about Rose's arc in the franchise?

"I think that we're all gonna be really happy with what this movie does," she teases vaguely. 

But it's the fan support that will stay with the star long after the credits roll. 

"Oh man, it means so much. I mean, I think that we're all just kind of reminding ourselves that we're in this thing that's so much bigger than us, but moments like that are just inexplicable," she says. "Like you’ll never forget them, you know? It means a lot."

Another thing that means a lot to Tran is the support of her co-star, John Boyega. Boyega previously apologized to Tran for his comments in a recent interview with Variety

John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran
Rich Fury/Getty Images

When speaking with the publication, he discussed dealing with scrutiny on social media. Tran herself was the target of racist remarks surrounding her Star Wars role. 

"Being in this position, you just understand the masses, how the masses think, you know. Through social media, we get to engage, we get to have fun," he told Variety at the time. "But at the same time, for those who are not mentally strong, you are weak to believe in every single thing that you read. That’s, you know, it is what it is."  

Boyega later tweeted, "In no way was I referring to Kelly when I made my comments although the interviewer mentioned her given the topic. I was really speaking from my own perspective throughout this franchise. Sometimes I’ve felt strong and sometimes I’ve felt weak. Badly worded though. I apologize."

In a show of solidarity, the co-stars posed together on the red carpet on Monday night. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on Friday, Dec. 20. 


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