Kelly Osbourne Reveals Why She's Changing Son's Last Name After 'Biggest Fight' With Sid Wilson

Osbourne and Wilson welcomed son, Sidney, in November 2022.

Kelly Osbourne recently got personal on her family podcast, sharing that she and her boyfriend, Slipknot's Sid Wilson, recently got into "the biggest fight ever" over disagreeing on whether their 1-year-old son, Sidney, should have both of their last names.

Kelly told her parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, on their Osbournes Podcast that she didn't expect to talk about the issue, but she ultimately felt compelled to share what led to the explosive fight.

"I wanted our son to have both of our last names and he wouldn't let me," Kelly said. "We had a huge fight. I feel that I was forced into doing something I didn't want to do."

Kelly added that she understood Sid's point of view, largely because he comes from a very traditional family. That being said, the initial decision never sat well with her, so she brought it up again and that led to the heated argument. They sought help from a therapist and that eventually swayed Sid to see things from her side. Kelly says the couple is now in the process of giving their son, as she says, "a double-barreled last name."

"But after lots of eye-opening conversations and some couples therapy, he has seen the light," Kelly said. "We are going to legally change our son's name to have both of our last names."

Kelly -- who started dating Sid in early 2022 and welcomed their son in November 2022 -- was adamant that "we both made our child, so he should have both of our last names."

For their part, Ozzy and Sharon gave Kelly major props for sticking to her belief. But it was Ozzy who took it a step further in a major show of support for his daughter and, really, all women in general.

"It's crazy that the person who grew that child inside of them didn't have the same name," he said.

As for how the couple's doing following "the biggest fight" they "have ever, ever, ever had, and probably ever, ever will," Kelly admitted they have a tough road ahead.

"I can never, ever forgive him for that," she said, "but we can move on."

Just last week, Kelly spoke to ET at Dolly Parton's Pet Gala event in Nashville and offered an update on how motherhood has been treating her.

"Mom life is the absolute best. There was no adjustment period for me because I love it all," she said. "The good, the bad, the ugly, I take it all. It's so much fun."

She added, "It's given me a purpose in life like nothing ever has. Just getting to watch my little man grow and seeing him become a little person is just, like, it's gonna make me cry if I keep talking about it."


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