Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on How They Separate Working on 'Live!' From Their Personal Life (Exclusive)

The married couple and 'Live With Kelly and Mark' co-stars spoke with ET about their on-and-off-screen relationship.

Monday marked the first page of a whole new professional chapter in Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' relationship book. The pair co-hosted their first episode of Live With Kelly and Mark, and the handsome new host says he was excited by the opportunity.

The real-life husband and wife -- who now co-host the popular daytime talk show following the recent departure of Ripa's former co-host Ryan Seacrest -- spoke with ET's Rachel Smith on Monday following their debut.

"I was very excited to see so many close friends and family and have an audience today, which is, really, live," Consuelos shared. "It was really nice."

That being said, the actor admitted that it's also an intimidating role to step into.

"It's the number one show in daytime, and don't want to screw that up. When a team wins a championship... you know, you just want to keep winning championships, so hopefully [I'm] value added to the show," Consuelos said, adding that he's not too worried, as he's got Ripa by his side.

"I've got my Tom Brady," he added with a smile.

One question raised by the pair co-hosting the show is if and how they will manage to keep their personal life and relationship separate from their professional relationship -- although Ripa doesn't anticipate that being a problem.

"We have very different interests outside of work and outside of our marriage," Ripa shared. "The things that we do on a hobby level, on a skill level, are so vastly different."

"She knits, I don't," Consuelos offered.

"He says he's a cyclist, he’s on a cycling team, so our interests are very different," Ripa retorted.

The longtime talk show host explained that she and her husband -- who will be celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary on May 1 --  have "always worked together in some capacity. We run a production company together, we starred on a soap opera together, we stared on a sitcom together, we've always had different jobs together."

"So we won't go home and discuss, 'Oh, what should we talk about tomorrow?' Because that's not how we do things here [on the show]," she added. "It's more of a spontaneous discussion between two people that have had a full day outside of just discussing host chat."

As for whether or not anything will be off limits when it comes to their on-air discussions, Consuelos said he's not yet sure, but Ripa declared, "Of course not."

"Nothing is ever off limits," she said. "I am an open book! And if you don't read me fast enough I will read myself out loud to you!"

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC. Check here for local listings.