Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Reveal Their Halloween Costumes and Look Back at Their Favorites (Exclusive)

The 'Live' co-hosts open up to ET about their upcoming Halloween special.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are getting into the spirit of the season! The Live With Kelly and Ryan co-hosts are once again celebrating Halloween in a big way!

The dynamic duo recently opened up to ET's Rachel Smith about their costumes for this year, and what it's been like getting the Halloween episode together during the pandemic.

"Get ready for Joe Exotic! Kelly Ripa as Joe Exotic and she is remarkably memorable as Joe Exotic," Seacrest teased.

According to the pair -- and some of the teaser pics they've posted to Instagram -- Seacrest and Ripa will be rocking quite a few different costumes during their upcoming Halloween special, as they've done in years past.

While Ripa will don a mullet and a fringe-lined jacket to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic, Seacrest is going to go as a full-on tiger. 

Fans have also seen them paying homage to Schitt's Creek -- with Seacrest dressing up as Dan Levy's David Rose, and Ripa wearing the pope-inspired ensemble Catherine O'Hara's Moira Rose wore during the series finale.

While they played coy about the other costumes they will be showing off during the special, Ripa hinted that they might be dressing up as TikTok stars.

"Here's what I can tell you: We are going as a lot of people that apparently are very famous but we have no idea who they are," Ripa joked.

This year's Halloween special is clearly different from those they've shot in the past, due to COVID-19 precautions, which require social distancing, smaller production teams and no audience.

"It's exhausting," Seacrest said of preparing for the costume-packed show. "It takes a lot of theatrical experience."  

"It's still strange for us, you know… Kelly and I normally are together and very close in these scenes where we're playing some characters," Seacrest reflected. "Now we're doing it separately but pretending that we're next to each other."

After four Halloweens together, the stars have dressed up as a whole slew of different characters and famous figures. However, for Seacrest, one costume stands out as his favorite.

"For me it's easy. [It was] when I got to play Kelly," Seacrest shared, referring to their 2017 Halloween episode, in which Ripa also did her best impression of Seacrest.

"I got to be Kelly Ripa and sit in the chair and, you know, use her glasses and put on the heels and the dress," Seacrest recalled. "It was an experience. It's good to be you."

"Ryan clearly studied me and, I would say, watched at home," Ripa quipped.

Fans will get a chance to see what the hosts have in store this year with the upcoming special, Live's Best Halloween Show Ever: Almost As Scary As Real Life, which airs Friday. Check here for local listings.



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