Kelly Ripa Pressures Anderson Cooper Into Getting a Tattoo for His 51st Birthday

The longtime journalist has been wanting a tattoo for 20 years.

Will Anderson Cooper finally get that 360 tattoo?

The longtime journalist appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan this week where he talked to his longtime friend, Kelly Ripa, about his upcoming 51st birthday.

“I turn 51 on Saturday and I’m so not ready for this,” he joked. “I feel like it’s time to just go for a full mid-life crisis.”

One idea for the "mid-life crisis", which Ripa fully supported, was getting inked.

“Kelly knows I’ve talked about getting a tattoo for 20 years now,” Cooper explained. “On Instagram, I have a whole folder of tattoos I like. I even know where I’d get it – there’s a place called Bang Bang in New York. I’ve never gone in there because I’m too intimidated.”

“I’ll take you! I’m a tattooed lady,” Ripa insisted.

But Cooper admitted he was too scared of the pain of getting tattooed.

“I just figure I’ll be made unconscious. I’ve actually talked to my dermatologist about this, like, ‘Are there numbing creams, or can you just give me Percocet or something that knocks me out?’” he quipped.

“You don’t need Percocet! It’s not that painful,” Ripa urged her pal.

When co-host Ryan Seacrest asked what Cooper would want to get, he wouldn’t reveal specifics, explaining, “It’s a whole thing. I like lettering. I don’t like a sleeve, but I like spaces. It’s very involved.”

“It’s not going to happen, but we do enjoy talking about it,” Ripa teased.

Cooper went on to explain why this birthday is meaningful to him, saying, “The truth is my dad died when he was 50 so I never planned for past 50. I always grew up thinking, ‘Oh, you know, I’ll die at 50 because he did.’ So when I turned 50 I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have no plan!’ I need a second act.”

“You need a tattoo!” Ripa pressed.

For more from Ripa, watch the clip below!