Kelly Ripa Shows Off Progression of Her Gray Roots Month by Month

Kelly Ripa
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The 'Live' co-host says her 'version of the #2020Calendar is just...real...'

After months in quarantine, it can be hard to mark the passing days -- but Kelly Ripa has found a way. The Live co-host took to Instagram on Saturday to show off a calendar progression of her gray roots. 

Inspired by the recent #2020 Instagram challenge, in which users post evolutions of their moods since the year started, Ripa posted a collage of close-ups on her roots. She started the year freshly colored, with a hint of gray popping up in February. A little more gray peeked through her blonde locks in March, and by July, Ripa looked totally shook by her new style. 

"Perhaps this meme is a week old at this point… but does that really compare to these roots? 😂," she wrote alongside the pic. "My version of the #2020Calendar is just...real…. 💆🏼‍♀️😉💋." 

Ripa started her "root watch" in week one of quarantine in mid-March, and has continued to keep fans updated on her evolving color... and on-air style. 

The daytime host recently clapped back at a viewer who criticized her and Ryan Seacrest's "lack of personal grooming." 

"The only issue I have with this show (and I watch daily since I am at home nowadays) is the lack of personal grooming," the user commented on a promo for the upcoming season of Live. "I mean it's a nationally televised show. And I have to get dressed for every Zoom work call so why can't you guys?"

"We are dressed," Ripa replied. "FCC rules, not mine."

When the commenter clarified that he meant "properly dressed," Ripa fired back once more.

"I'll bring it up at the next meeting," she wrote.

See more in the video below.