Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Share a Message for Amanda Bynes Amid '90s Con Absence (Exclusive)

The pair spoke about the missed reunion with their former 'All That' co-star at the '90s Con convention over the weekend.

Friends for life!

ET's Rachel Smith spoke to Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell at '90s Con over the weekend where the pair had a special message for their All That co-star, Amanda Bynes, after she missed out on the cast reunion.

"I've just been praying for her," Mitchell said amid Bynes' absence. "It's awesome to see she's doing better. Which is great. We're just continuing to pray for her on her journey, and it's answered prayers that she's doing a lot better."

Per That's 4 Entertainment, the organization behind '90s Con, Bynes, who told People back in January that she was "really excited" to reunite with her castmates, was forced to miss the weekend's festivities due to an "unknown illness."

Her attendance at the highly anticipated reunion, alongside Thompson, Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg, would have marked her first public appearance since the end of her eight-year conservatorship in March 2022.

Mitchell and Thompson, who surprised fans with his appearance at the convention Saturday, also took the moment to reminisce on their All That days, and the "surreal" experience of having the fandom continue nearly 30 years later.

"You know what's surreal about it? It's hearing the stories, and people say how it touched their hearts in '94. And they still have a love for it. How they're introducing it to their friends and then also introducing it to their kids, which is so awesome," Mitchell gushed. "I mean, it's like, five-year-olds having Good Burger birthdays and they weren't even born in '94."

He continued, "It just says a lot to the crew, the cast, the friendships of that time."

For Thompson, the surreal experience was in the making of All That and Kenan & Kel, with the Saturday Night Live star telling ET that he never thought he'd go from being a kid who watched Nickelodeon to becoming a "Nick kid" himself.

"I think the word that triggered me when you just answered that last question was 'surreal.' That's what was on my mind the entire Nickelodeon experience, like, 'This is so crazy,'" Thompson shared. "I used to watch You Can't Do That on TelevisionDouble Dare and stuff like that, and wanted to do all those things -- like wanted to play around in pudding and just make a mess and be a Nick kid. But I didn't think it was really ever gonna happen."

"But then we became Nick kids, but then we also became the Nick kids too at the time, and like it was just a very surreal experience," he continued. "'Cause all of a sudden, we're going to California now, we're around like, Shaq. Or we're around Whoopi Goldberg because they show up for this big, Nickelodeon events and now we're a part of that. It was just a very special time period."

ET's conversation with the life-long friends comes on the heels of their announcement that Good Burger 2 is a go. Mitchell and Thompson made the surprise announcement Friday night on The Tonight Show, and it had everyone going wild, including host Jimmy Fallon.

While they weren't able to tease too much, Mitchell gave fans a quick update on what Ed and Dexter will be getting up to in the long-awaited film's second installment.

"Ed is running the place, so you can imagine how that might go," Mitchell revealed. "Dexter's still up to his crazy antics. And Good Burger might get into a little bit of trouble, but that's all we can tell you at this point."

The film's not in production just quite yet, but Thompson said that filming is set to start soon.

"We just announced it last night," Thompson said. "So, that was an intense kind of 12, 24-hour kind of turn around to see like, everybody's like excited."

He continued, "They always respond pretty positively when we hint at, 'Maybe it's possibly gonna happen,' but to give it the official go was just a very special feeling. Everybody's really excited."



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