Kendall Jenner Looks Back on Her 'Ugly' Years: 'The Glow Up Is Actually Just Nuts'

The 22-year-old model is throwing it back to her teenage years.

Kendall Jenner is admiring her glow up!

In a bonus scene from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 22-year-old model takes a break during a photo shoot to show her hairstylist, Jen Atkin, throwback videos of her with sister, Kylie Jenner. Wrapped in a gravity blanket, which Kendall uses to help manage her anxiety, the duo had a good laugh watching the old clip.

“How ugly we were -- like, the glow up is actually just nuts,” Kendall says as she and Jen watch the video of the siblings running around mom Kris Jenner's bedroom pretending to act like their older sis, Kim Kardashian West

“Money doesn’t grow on trees,” Kris said to Kendall in the clip, before the sassy teen promptly replied, “Yes it does. It’s paper.”

After telling the reality star that she sounds "like a valley girl," Jen declares, "The glow up is real."

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What a difference a few years makes. Just this week, Kendall stuns on the cover of LOVE magazine's 10th anniversary issue and opens up more about her anxiety.

"Last season I didn’t do any shows," she tells the magazine of skipping last year's runway season. "Just ‘cause I was working in L.A. and I was like 'Oof, I can’t right now -- I’m gonna go crazy.' I was on the verge of a mental breakdown."  

She continues, "I live a very extraordinary life. I wouldn't change it for the world but there are days where I wish I could walk outside and nothing would be like it is right now."

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