Kevin Hart on If He'd Still Consider Hosting Oscars After 2019 Controversy (Exclusive)

The comedian pulled out of hosting the ceremony in 2019.

Kevin Hart isn't throwing his name in the ring again for Oscars host this year, but he has no ill-will toward the ceremony. 

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with Hart earlier this week, just after this year's Oscar nominees were announced. In 2019, the 42-year-old comedian pulled out of hosting the Academy Awards after facing backlash over some older tweets and jokes that had resurfaced.

"There was a moment where it made sense," he said of hosting the awards show a few years ago. "Things happened ...and we all have moved on."

Hart added, "I think the Academy and those that are now in a position to do it are there for a reason. So, I want to see them shine and prevail."

As for whether he'd ever consider hosting the Oscars following the 2019 controversy, Hart shared, "If the time ever comes for me to touch that stage, that would be in God’s plan."

Right now, however, Hart is excited to be promoting the return of BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood with Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Robin Thicke and Duane Martin, who were also in ET's interview.

On the show, the guys portray exaggerated versions of themselves in this gender-flipped satire, and Kodjoe said there are "no limitations." 

"Our lives are too crazy already that it's almost like a relief that we actually get to be there and make fun of ourselves," Cannon said of shooting the show. "[We] have that platform to do it 'cause otherwise we'd have to be outside of this. People take stuff way too seriously."

Thicke added, "We've all had enough stories and enough things out there that we might as well laugh at it at this point."

Catch the Real Husbands of Hollywood when it premieres Friday on BET+.