Kevin Hart on Getting A-List Stars to Open Up Like Nobody Else Can on New Show 'Hart to Heart' (Exclusive)

The comic opened up to ET about his new candid conversation series, 'Hart to Heart.'

Kevin Hart is getting personal. The comedian is sitting down with some big time stars for his new series Hart to Heart.

ET's Kevin Frazier joined Hart and his Real Husbands of Hollywood co-star Duane Martin on the set of their BET reality comedy series, and Hart opened up about his new Peacock project, and becoming a talk show host.

"The world of broadcast and hosting, it's something that, as a personality, I've always wanted to do." Hart shared. "I don't wanna wait until the end of my career."

"I love that I am where I'm at, in that I have access to amazing relationships. So, Peacock allowed me the opportunity to put that on display," Hart added. "So it's a talk show where there is no script, there is no prep, it's just conversation off the cuff."

For his new series, Hart sits down with a number of big time stars -- including Miley Cyrus, Don Cheadle, Kelly Clarkson, Cameron Diaz, Taraji P. Henson and Jimmy Kimmel -- for candid and heartfelt conversations about their lives and their career journeys.

"I hope to get the A-list level of individuals that people may or may not know and give you a look inside them and inside their minds in a way that nobody else can," Hart explained.

New episodes of Hart to Heart debut every Thursday on Peacock.



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