Kevin Hart Refuses to Let Tiffany Haddish Pay Back $300 Life-Changing Loan

tiffany haddish kevin hart
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The 'Night School' actress is determined to pay back her longtime friend.

Success in Hollywood takes persistence. So does getting Kevin Hart to take back a loan!

In 2017, Tiffany Haddish went from a struggling actor to an overnight sensation thanks to her hilarious performance in the film Girls Trip. And now Haddish is looking to pay back the people who helped her along the way -- namely Hart.

Back in the day, Hart loaned Haddish $300, all the money he had on him at the time, when he discovered she was living in her car. Now, the 38-year-old actress is working hard to return the money. Really hard.

Hart just posted a video of his Night School co-star dumping dollar bills on him during an interview on set. “I love my sister @tiffanyhaddish ....She has been trying to pay me back for years & I refused to take the money so she ambushed me on set and made it rain on me.”

Hart went on to add that “what she doesn’t know is that I put the money back in one of her wig caps that she wasn’t wearing later that day!!!! I’m dead serious. Check your wig cap @tiffanyhaddish ....I love u and I will never take from you. You being my Co-Star in my movie “Night School” was more than enough. Love u with ur funky a**!!!!”

Naturally, this led to a post from Haddish in which she discovered the money right where Hart said it was. “Am I gonna have to fight you to give you this money back!” she responded. “Don’t make me have to roll up on your baby mama and drop it in her purse.”

Back in June, Hart discussed the day he helped his friend during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"I was nowhere near Kevin Hart today and in my pocket I had $300 and I was like, 'Here. I don't know what your situation is, but hopefully this can do something for you in this time because I feel like you're not telling me something,'" the 38-year-old comedian shared.

Learn more about Haddish and Hart’s friendship in the clip below.