Kevin Hart Says He Watched His Wife Eniko Get Bit by a Shark

The actor said that his wife pushed their adventure too far during vacation.

Kevin Hart’s family learned what happens when they push themselves too far on vacation. The comedian appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, and shares that his family recently took a swim with sharks and his wife, Eniko, got bit. The Fatherhood actor explains that they started off in the water with nerf sharks. When he decided that it was time to get back on the boat, his wife wanted to do a little more.  

“My wife pushed it. I say, ‘We’re done, don’t try it anymore.’ and she said, ‘No, they got these other sharks, we should swim with them,'" he tells the host. 

"My wife got bit by a shark, and I was like, ‘That’s what the f**k you get,’" he hilariously adds.  

When asked about the type of shark, the Night School actor reveals that it didn’t matter. “It was a shark,” he says. “We were in there with something that they defined as a shark, and it bit her.”  

Hart says that his wife’s reason for staying in the water longer was social media.  

“She was doing too much,” he says. “Instagram, everybody wants a picture, everybody wants to do all this stupid stuff." Hart notes that Eniko's photo opp resulted in the shark biting her finger. Thankfully, it was a small bite.


He adds, “I was on the boat, and I saw it as it was happening. I should have said something, but I was so shocked, like, ‘That one is swimming kinda fast. That one looks like he got something on his mind.'” 

“After the shark bit her, we were like, ‘Oh, it bit her.’ and then Eniko was like, ‘It bit me.' And then she got out and she didn’t get in for the rest of the trip,” he shares.  

Hart and Eniko tied the knot in 2016, and are parents to Kenzo, 4, Kaori, 1. Hart is also father to teens Hendrix and Heaven from a previous relationship.  

The comedian’s life will be amplified during the return of his series, The Real Husbands of Hollywood. After five years, the series is coming back to BET+ on Feb. 10.  

"BET and of course now, the affiliation with BET+, it's a great relationship. Before any type of success, they were there. Before things got big, and astronomical, BET was there," Hart shares. 

"So, I told them I want to stay true to the relationship that was real familiar," he continues. "I think it's important for our culture to see us tap back into the platform that embraced our culture. It's real big, not just for us, but for the platform as well, so hopefully people will follow suit."