Kevin Hart Says He's 'Thankful' for the 'Small Stuff' Following His Car Accident

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is reflecting on life since his car accident. In the season three premiere of Kevin Hart: What the Fit?, the 40-year-old actor reflects on how his views on life have changed since the September car accident that left him with three spinal fractures. Those injuries, his doctor told him, would have left him paralyzed if they had been a quarter of a centimeter over from where they occurred.

"Basically, what you realize is you're not in control," Hart says at the beginning of the episode. "At the end of the day, it can all be over, man. So don’t take today for granted."

While driving to pick up his first guest of the season, Jimmy Kimmel, Hart says that the third season of his YouTube show will have a "special, special, special feel" because it's the first that's coming after his accident.

"I basically was put in a situation where I was like, 'Oh, my God. Am I going to be able to walk, am I going to recover, am I going to be able to get back to myself?'" Hart says. "And through hard work, determination, and pure will, I got to a place where I can be physically active again."

"I am thankful for some of the small stuff, which is just the ability to get up and move around," he adds. "This season, I gotta make sure people see me giving it my all to be the old me again!"

Once Hart picks up Kimmel and the pair are on their way to work out with the Harlem Globetrotters, the Jumanji star tells the late-night host, "I'm so excited to be back. I'm so excited to be active. I couldn't wipe my a**. True story."

Watch the video below for more on Hart. 


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