Kevin Smith Jokes About Being Mistaken For Kevin James in Sweet Get Well Gift Following His Heart Attack

Kevin Smith
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

The celebrated director shared a heartfelt and hilarious gift sent by the Disney Channel following his heart attack earlier this week.

Kevin Smith is back at home and recovering after suffering a near-fatal heart attack Sunday evening, and the celebrated indie director has received an outpouring of sweet sentiments and touching gifts, including one from the Disney Channel that Smith felt deserved special praise.

The get well gift, which was a large Mickey Mouse-themed cookie, was accompanied by a sweet note that read, "Kevin, a spoonful of sugar helps the vegan down down. Wishing you speedy recovery!" Which is all well and good until you look at the cookie, which reads, "Get Well Soon Kevin James!"

"Friends & folks I work with have been sending thoughtful Get Well baskets since I got home. But @disneychannel just won the prize for funniest gift when they sent these cookies," Smith captioned a pic of the present, which he posted to Instagram on Thursday. "Last week I was telling the folks there that a certain percentage of people I meet always call me #kevinjames. So THIS is an insanely well-timed joke on tasty treat that I won’t eat because I’m thinking about getting it framed instead."

"Thanks to everybody for the flowers, baskets and well-wishes! It means the world to me and my TV wife, @leahremini! #KevinSmith #cookies#disneychannel," Smith concluded.

The writer-director's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, also took to Instagram on Thursday to share her appreciation for everyone who's sent well wishes to her dad over the last few days.

"Thank you so much for the outpour of love in the past few days, it’s been really beautiful and so meaningful to see," the Yoga Hosers star captioned a throwback pic of herself as a newborn, being held in her father's arms. "He is thankfully home now and doing better than ever, but this has truly been the most terrifying experience of my life. I’ve always thought of my dad as this untouchable force of energy, never defeated when knocked down, always able to get back up again, so I never thought in a million years that anything like this would happen to him."

"But I am extremely comforted to know that, even though he did experience a heart attack, I was right because even after going through that he got right back up again and didn’t let it stop him," she continued. "Even in the hospital, only a few hours after it happened, he was back to his classic ways: putting the oxygen tubes in his mouth even though they’re meant for his nose, sleeping on his side even though he was supposed to lay straight on his back, unhooking himself from the wires to pee even though he wasn’t supposed to move, trying to take out his IV himself and of course playing 80’s music all night long while we spent the first night at the hospital. My dad is a goddamn force to be reckoned with and although I’m thankful for him everyday, this is just a real reminder of how insanely lucky I am to have him."

The 47-year-old Clerks director has been in good spirits since undergoing surgery to clear a massive blockage in his heart, and he says that the experience has left him with a "zest for life."

Smith recently revealed that he's now a vegetarian, which is one of many lifestyle changes he's going to make following his near-death experience -- hence the reference to going vegan in the sweet note from the Disney Channel.

The New Jersey native, who has lost around 90 pounds over the last seven years, said he's going to be taking a lot of pills, including blood thinners and beta-blockers, and will have to see a cardiologist regularly.

A rep for the filmmaker tells ET that Smith "is expected to make a full recovery."