Khloe Kardashian's Hairstylist Justine Marjan Dishes on the Exact Products She Uses on Her Celeb Clients

Marjan tames the tresses of stars like Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Culpo. Find out what the hair guru keeps in her kit.

The Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Culpo, Ashley Graham and RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley are just a few of Justine Marjan's star-studded client list. The SoCal native has been a hairstylist for 15 years and counts Ouai founder and fellow hair-guru-to-the-stars Jen Atkin as a mentor. Known for creating beautiful braids, edgy lob chops and playful accessory-adorned looks, Marjan not only posts her work on Instagram, but also shares her tips and tricks to her followers.

To give us a peek on how she works her hair magic on A-listers, she showed ET the essential products she always keeps in her kit. From the wax she uses for sexy, wet 'dos to the brushes that won't damage locks, shop her must-have items ahead for gorgeous tresses, guaranteed. 

ghd Gold Styler $199

"I love this flat iron because I can create both straight, sleek waves with the beveled edges and it doesn't damage the hair."


ghd Curve Classic Curl Iron  $199 $140

"This is my go-to iron for creating beach waves and messy looks and again it doesn't damage the hair and it's really easy to glide through when I'm creating curls and waves." 


Kitsch No Slip Crocodile Clip in Rose Gold $7

"My next kit essential is these great sectioning clips. These are the crocodile rose gold clips from Kitsch and I just love them because they glide through the hair easily and they can hold a lot of hair without slipping or falling. I use these clips for sectioning the hair as I work my irons through the hair." 


Kitsch Creaseless Clips $8

"These make it really easy for the hairline to lay flat and smooth or if I'm setting a look and want it to hold a certain shape until it cools, I use these clips. You guys have no idea how many questions I get about these creaseless clips! They definitely make the biggest difference in making a hairstyle look polished and put together and it just is super simple and an easy thing you can add to your hairstyling routine." 


Sheila Stotts Extension Removal Brush $31

"For every hairstylist or any beauty girl, these are the two brushes I think everyone needs. Sheila Stotts extension removal brush, but I actually use it as a detangling brush because it doesn't pull or snag on the hair. And then a smoothing brush -- this is a bore and nylon mix bristle brush from Ibiza and this is just great for brushing through the hair, smooth styles and taming frizz."

Sheila Stotts

Ibiza Hair Mixed Boar Bristle & Nylon Metallic Oval Brush $120


Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray Temporary Gray Coverage $25

"I use this to touch up any gray hairs if people have exposed partings or hairlines and to tint hair extensions if I need to change or adjust the hair color. This root concealer comes in every color you would ever need for your hair, so it's really easy. Sometimes I even blend colors depending on the shade that I need."


Tresemmé Expert With Biotin Repair & Protect Pre-Styling Spray $5

"I love this for detangling, fresh out of the shower. I use it as a base before every blow dry. It just makes sure the hair is healthy and protected from sun damage or any harmful rays."


Leonor Greyl E'Clat Naturel $46

"I love the Leonor Greyl E'Clat Naturel for polishing the ends. This is basically lotion for your hair. If your ends feel dry or frizzy, you just run a little bit through the ends and it makes them look polished and put-together." 

Leonor Greyl

Ouai Dry Texture Foam $28 

"This is a new product. It's pretty innovative and it feels kind of funny because you're putting something wet onto dry hair, but you massage it into the hair and it gives the hair a fluffy messy kind of gritty texture." 


R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse $30

"I'm a big fan of products that you can scrunch into the hair, so another one of my favorites is the R+Co pomade mousse. I love this for curly looks or for looks that want a lot of volume. I really like to massage it into the roots and through the ends and it gives the hair a fluffy texture." 


Y.S. Park Hand In Tail Comb $16 

Getting clean partings is really essential if you're gonna do a sleek middle part, a sleek side part or if you're doing braids -- so I always have a really great Rat Tail Comb -- this is from YS Park and it just makes sure I can get those really clean, perfect lines."

Y.S. Park

Olly Undeniable Beauty $14

"I always keep Olly Undeniable Beauty vitamins with me because they have biotin and borage oil that are really great for healthy, shiny hair." 


Halo Crown Hidden Halo Extensions, ranges from $199 to $449 

"One of the things I never leave the house without is hair extensions. This is a hidden crown halo headband-style extension. It's really easy to put on. It gives instant length and volume. This is something every girl can use."

Hidden Crown

Fatboy Tough Guy Water Wax $21

"I get a lot of questions about how to do a wet look and what it really comes down to is product. The hair is not actually wet, but we're giving the illusion of it being wet. So I love Fatboy Tough Guy Water Wax. It's kind of like a wet-looking pomade and I work that through the roots and it gives it hold and that shiny glossy feel that makes it feel like the hair's wet."


Tresemmé Compressed Micro Mist Extend Hairspray $5

"My ride-or-die hair product is hairspray. I could definitely not live without it and I can use it to create any look. If there's one product I had in my kit it would just be the Tresemmé Micro Mist Hairspray in Extend. This is a strong hold hairspray, but I can still work it through the hair, which I love."