Kieran Culkin Is 'Game' to Have His Brother Macaulay and Other Siblings on 'Succession' (Exclusive)

The actor wants to make the HBO series a family affair!

Kieran Culkin is down to bring his real-life family into his Succession one! ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the 39-year-old actor at the season 3 premiere of the HBO series, and he revealed that he'd love to welcome one or more of his siblings into the world of the Roys.

Kieran is brother to Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, 41, and also has siblings Shane, 45, Quinn, 36, Christian, 34, and Rory, 32. His half-sister, Jennifer, died in 2000, and his sister, Dakota, died in 2008.

"That would be cool, wouldn't it?" Kieran said of a real-life sibling joining Succession. "Would love to see that. Yeah, I would be game for that. That would be cool. Why wouldn't I be game? That sounds fun."

Also fun for the actor is taking on the role of Roman Roy, though it's not the part he was initially asked to audition for.

"They sent it to me for Greg, which I was just very, very wrong for," Kieran said of the Roy cousin, who's played by Nicholas Braun. "I just asked, 'Here’s the one I want to audition for.' The response was, 'We're not auditioning for Roman as you see it,' so I just did it anyway. I just picked three scenes, read it, and sent it in."

That confidence allows the Emmy nominee to block out the buzz surrounding the show, and not let the awards or praise cause nerves that impact his performance.

"I don’t really feel that kind of pressure. I don't really pay attention to all that stuff," he told ET. "I'm not really an 'on the internet' kind of person, so when I'm told that there's responses or whatever, I don't really [see]."

"[Emmys], that one I hear [about], and I go, 'That's a sign [that people watch the show],'" Kieran added, before quipping, "The other sign is when people on the street are yelling, 'F**k you' at me. That's a sign that they watch it."

If he ever did let the accolades go to his head, his kids would bring him right back down to Earth. Kieran shares Kinsey, 2, and a son, 7 weeks, with his wife, Jazz Charton.

"I was walking down the street with my 2-year-old daughter the other day and I went out in the morning and saw, 'Oh, they put up the Succession poster on our corner,'" Kieran recalled. "And she's pushing her little mini stroller and I go, '[Kinsey], who's that? Who's that?' and she goes 'Dada' and just keeps pushing. She doesn't give a s**t."

Season 3 of Succession will premiere Sunday, Oct. 17 on HBO.