Kim Cattrall Opens Up About Embodying Another Powerful Female Character on 'Filthy Rich'

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Kim Cattrall will always be known for her iconic role on Sex and the City, but she couldn't be more excited about taking on a new character.

The actress stars as Margaret Monreaux, the mega-wealthy co-founder of a successful Christian television network on a new Fox drama, Filthy Rich, and opened up to reporters about the show during Fox's presentation at the Television Critics Association winter tour in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday.

"I had forgotten what it was like, the first couple of years [of a show]," Cattrall recalled of embarking on a new series. "And then it evolved and kept evolving. I had forgotten about those first steps... This has really been a valentine of an experience for me so far."

"We're all very different, we have a wonderful cast and's about being part of a community, telling a story together," she added. "It's a collective spirit, but individually, very meaningful."

As for the comparisons between her sexy SATC cougar, Samantha Jones, and Margaret, who is tasked with doling out her husband's legacy and significant fortune after his unexpected death -- a task made more complicated by the resurfacing of three illegitimate children -- Cattrall said there are certainly similar shades in the two powerful women.

"I think all of those colors are the truth in any person, maybe slightly heightened or exaggerated for entertainment value," she noted. "I love Filthy Rich, because it was one of those projects where I hadn't seen this character before. And there's something slightly addictive about doing something you haven't seen before."

"She came from a generation of women who brought themselves up," Cattrall previously told ET of her character at Fox's Television Critics Association day in Los Angeles last August. "She didn't come from much, but she had self-belief. She had faith. She had family. And that's what brought her to where she is today. She's gonna rule the world," she added.

On Tuesday, the actress got candid about her motivations for returning to TV after SATC's legendary run, noting, "I was having a lot of questions about midlife crisis, about menopause, about what now? What’s the next chapter of my life?"

"I think now with Margaret, I’m exploring mortality. She’s in her 60s, like I am. You’re starting to lose your family members. You’re starting to lose friends. It does bring to question what now and how much longer," she explained. "So I like to work things out in my work. I have these questions, which I think if I’m having them, maybe other people are having them, maybe other women are having them. And this is the question with Margaret."

And as for the drama to come in Filthy Rich's first season, she noted, "We're all still learning at this, and we're enjoying not knowing, because there's so many more possibilities."

While she understands that fans continue to clamor for more Sex and the City, following the series' end in 2004 and two sequel films in 2008 and 2010, Cattrall has said that she would "never" reprise her role as Samantha. 

"What I think people love about shows like Sex and the City and Filthy Rich is strong characters," Cattrall explained. "You know, real strong characters. And this is a new chapter, this is another strong character. So I'm really enjoying that."

See more in the video below. Filthy Rich is scheduled to premiere in early 2020 on Fox.


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