Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's New Baby Name: Here Are the Best Internet Reactions

The couple revealed on Friday that they named their third child, Chicago.

Hello, Chicago West!

Kim Kardashian West finally dropped the name of her third child with Kanye West on Friday, revealing that North and Saint's little sister is named after her husband's hometown -- Chi for short (note: pronounced "Shy" not "Chai" for any confused readers).

After all the predictions, joking and/or serious, around what out-of-the-box name the famous couple would give their kid the third time around, the revelation dropped like an "A-ha!" moment to many fans, unexpected to others and, of course, prompted many, many jokes.

Kim's sister, Khloe, was one of the first to rave about the name, tweeting, "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE her name hey Chi (shy)."

Many unapologetically agreed.

 Some.... not so much.

Then there were those who chalked it up to "those wacky celebrities."

Several of Chicago's professional sports team got in the mix.

And then this person just straight up shared the truth, writing, "This is the most Kanye thing I've ever seen."

Read on for some more reactions.

Overall, a pretty warm reaction for baby Chi!


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