Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Talk Motherhood, Breastfeeding and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
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The two appeared on Friday's 'Live With Kelly and Ryan,' where they got candid about their growing famous family ahead of Mother's Day.

Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner are opening up about motherhood.

The two appeared on Friday's Live With Kelly and Ryan, where they got candid about their growing famous family ahead of Mother's Day.

"Three [kids] is wild," Kim, who shares North, 4, Saint, 2, and three-month-old Chicago with husband Kanye West admitted to hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. "I give North a hard time [about our newborn], but she is still good. I said, 'OK, you are going to be the woman of the house, you are in charge.' And she was like 'OK, OK, Saint, do this.' She was bossing people around, but she was so sweet. They all really love her."

While the Selfish author certainly has her hands full, she says she would consider having "one more" baby.

"I would maybe try for one more," Kim, who used a surrogate for baby No. 3, revealed. "I really enjoyed the surrogacy process. I enjoy carrying myself, [but] that wasn't an option for me for my last child and moving forward, so I will say, when it came time to the breastfeeding time, I was like, 'OK. This is the best decision I ever made.' It is a game changer."

"Not having to go through that every few hours breastfeeding," she continued. "I can spend so much more time with the older kids and getting them all used to the new baby."

Kim's sisters, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, will be celebrating their first Mother's Day this weekend, as the two welcomed their first children, daughters Stormi and True, respectively, earlier this year. Kim says she's been constantly answering all their parenting questions.

"We are on a group chat 24/7," she said. "[We discuss] what is on the monitor, what formula are you using... I was rushing out the door when we were going on vacation and I could not figure out -- there was this new stroller that Kylie told me to get and I was so used to my stroller. I called her, 'I can't put this together, I'm going to miss my flight. I'm going to take your stroller, you can figure out how to put mine together.'"

"It is so much fun," she added. "Khloe and I have very similar parenting styles, just how we think. She is such a new mom, but how she has seen me raise my kids, we think we vibe."

Kris kicked off her portion of the interview by recalling some of her favorite parenting memories. When asked who kept her up the latest at night, she didn't hesitate one bit. 

"Oh, Khloe for sure," she admitted. "Khloe would sneak out at night as a teenager, I don't think she could even drive yet. She would stuff the bed, so if we looked in the room, it would look like her."

Kim chimed in, saying, "Kourtney and I were a few years older than her, we had the same friends. I would hear her music blasting late and I would knock on the door and it would be locked. I would walk around, look in the window, she'd be gone." ​

Now that her six kids are older, and all but Kendall Jenner have children of their own, Kris says "every day" feels like Mother's Day.

"It is so amazing because of all the grandkids," she gushed. "The last time it was Mother's Day, before anybody had become a mom, we went to Disneyland."

Balancing motherhood, all her grandkids and her career endeavours, Kris has a lot on her plate. The secret? Taking it "one day at a time."

"A lot of planning, a lot of lists. I am a list maker," she revealed. "I feel satisfied at the end of the day if I have a list and I get through it. I am very organized and I am organized in my mind, so once I get through each day and I have a bird's-eye view and I have a daily grind [I'm good]."

"And she drinks," Kim joked.

Later in the interview, Kim opened up about her traumatic robbery in Paris, France, in October 2016, and whether it affected Kanye in any way.

"Not really because he is always so strong," she explained. "Obviously, he made a lot of changes with our security details and spent so much time taking meetings and doing all that kind of stuff just to make sure everything was really different, but as far as emotionally, he always was really strong. He was my rock."

"He was there [in Paris] and when he left, it happened," she added. "Now, I can read the reports of what the people who are now in jail have said, they have confessed and everything, they have said they have been following me for two years. It is just never the right time, Kanye was there. A couple dozen people involved, so they definitely had such a machine that they figured out when he wasn't going to be there, you know." 

Kim also chatted with Kelly and Ryan about how Khloe has been doing since reports surfaced that Tristan Thompson cheated on her with multiple women while she was still pregnant with their first child together.

"Honestly, she's so focused on her baby," Kim said. "Baby is gorgeous, gorgeous. She's so happy."

Hear more in the video below.