Kim Kardashian Doesn't Know If Her Family Will Ever Be Invited Back to 'SNL' After Kanye West's Speech

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Despite Kanye West's controversial remarks over the years, Kim Kardashian West insists she has no intention of ever changing her husband.

On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at when Kanye was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in September, and gave a pro-President Donald Trump speech to the cast and crew.

"I have to be honest -- inside I’m kind of freaking out a little bit because live TV, you never know what could happen," Kim says ahead of her husband's performance. While the 41-year-old rapper's rant was met with some backlash, Kim's family was still super supportive of him.

"Mason and I were cheering. Like, [we] went crazy," Kourtney Kardashian tells her sister. "Yeah, I was too," Kim replies.

Kim does acknowledge the controversy surrounding Kanye's pro-Trump stance, but doesn't waver when it comes to standing by her man. “I know that Kanye is always going to be Kanye and I’m never trying to change that,” she laments. “I mean, that’s who I fell in love with and I’m not trying to change who he is.”

Back in Los Angeles, Kim tells mom Kris Jenner that her and Kanye's kids had "so much fun" at SNL and that their 5-year-old daughter, North, was "dancing up a storm."

"North, you can host next time," Kris tells her granddaughter at the family dinner.

Kim quips, "I don’t know if they’ll invite us back ever."

"Did he do a rant at the end?" Kris asks. Kim answers, "At the end, yes, but the credits were rolling. I can’t control it.”

The momager then advises her daughter to give Kanye a "little more attention” to help “keep him calm.”

"I think he just is expecting a lot more than you’re giving," Kris explains. Exasperated, Kim confides, "I don't have any much more to give."

The episode also has the power couple seriously discussing moving to Chicago. “We are moving to Chicago,” Kanye proclaims. “That’s the vibe, babe. It feels good.”

Kim, however, is not feeling the "vibe."

“I get that Kanye is really excited about Chicago. He just needs a change of scene. I totally respect that, but I can’t really imagine moving to Chicago," the 38-year-old reality star shares. "I think I’m going to kind of ride it out and see it through, because with him I just always want to make sure that this is what he wants to do. Then we make a real, informed decision."

Later in the episode, Kim decides not to move her family. "I’m really happy that Chicago is such a good place for Kanye. It’s where he grew up, he has so many different memories there, there’s a lot that he wants to do there,” she says. “But I definitely feel I’m being pulled in a million directions. The kids are in school and we have another baby on the way, so moving to Chicago would have to be a long conversation. And honestly, it might be my breaking point."

Kanye is still all about moving when his wife confronts him, but they come to somewhat of a compromise. "We’re not going to move full-time,” he tells Kim. “But we will spend time [there], because that’s my home, too."

Fans of KUWTK may notice that Kanye has a much bigger presence on the show this season. Here's what Kim told ET about how she convinced her husband to be more involved in the reality series and how she coached him: 


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