Kim Kardashian Getting Heat for Pretending to Eat Food in New Ad Campaign for Beyond Meat

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When you're advertising food, it seems like it might be a good idea for the people in the ads actually to take a bite or two. However, Kim Kardashian's new commercial for Beyond Meat took a decidedly different tack.

The 41-year-old reality star, cosmetics mogul and clothing designer lent her talents to a new ad campaign for the plant-based meat substitute company -- and the ad got a lot of attention. However, a great deal of it was overwhelmingly critical of Kardashian appearing to not actually ever take a bite of any of the food.

"I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset -- my taste," Kardashian says in the ad, before later explaining that she is now Beyond Meat's "chief taste consultant."

The only problem is that it doesn't look like she actually tastes any of the food. As countless critics quickly pointed out, the commercial shows Kardashian chewing with a perfectly intact half of a hamburger in her hand, as if no bite had been taken out at all.

She stabs a fork onto a faux-meatball and just sort of looks at it. Next, she sprinkles lemon juice on some tacos, and she then takes a selfie while holding the wholly intact taco up to her mouth (while still chewing on something).

She then gives the commercially handsome chef a fist bump before refusing to allow him to take away her full plate of chicken tenders, one of which has a perfectly shaped bite, despite the audience not seeing her actually take the bite.

The comments on both Beyond Meat's original Instagram post, as well as the post Kardashian shared on her own Instagram page, were both flooded with critics who slammed the ad for being inauthentic and pointed out Kim's unusual seemingly fake chewing.

"This is beyoooond meat, so good you don’t even have to eat it," one user wrote, while another pointed out, "The hamburger wasn’t bitten."

Another commenter opined, "This is like kendall’s pepsi advertisement," referring to Kendall Jenner's disastrous Pepsi commercial in 2017 that many felt trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement, and was later pulled by the company.

Critics also slammed Kardashian on Twitter and Reddit, with one Redditor remarking, "every time she took a bite there were no bite marks or food actually going into her mouth and they kept doing weird cutaways soon as the food got close to her mouth."

"I wish she would see this, make a beyond burger, take a bite, and flip us off. It’s the energy she needs to be giving," another Redditor suggested.

As of yet, neither Kardashian nor Beyond Meat have commented on the backlash.


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