Kim Kardashian Reveals Kanye West Originally Wanted to Name Chicago After His Late Mother Donda

The reality star and mother of three opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about how they decided upon their baby girl's unique moniker.

Kim Kardashian West is opening up about how she and husband Kanye West settled on the name Chicago for their third child.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for an interview airing on Monday, and she reflected on how they named their baby girl after the Windy City to honor Kanye's hometown.

"That is a place that made him, and a place that he remembers his family from," Kardashian shared. 

However, Chicago wasn't the only name the couple ever seriously considered. According to the reality star, Kanye was very interested in naming his baby girl after his late mother, Donda West, who died in 2007 due to complications from cosmetic surgery.

"He really wanted his mother's name, and I love that name too, but I just wasn't sure," Kim shared. "It's so much to live up to."  

West has been very candid about how important his mother was in his life, and the devastating impact her untimely death had on his life. Ultimately, the name Chicago served as a tribute to the rapper's roots in the famed city.

"I [also] just felt Chicago was cool and different," she added. 

Kim said that her and Kanye's other adorable children -- 4-year-old daughter North and 2-year-old son Saint -- have been adjusting well to Chicago's arrival. North, in particular, has apparently been much sweeter with her little sis than she was with her younger brother.

"She's better than she was with Saint," Kardashian explained. "[But] there was a shocking moment yesterday. She literally had a can of popcorn and was like, 'Saint, do you want some?' And I was like 'What!?' You gotta understand, she does not share with Saint, she does not hardly talk to Saint, so that was such a big moment in my household." 

The proud parents welcomed baby no. 3 via surrogate in January, while Kim and her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, were in the delivery room.

"It was the best experience," Kim recalled. "The moment [the surrogate] was getting the epidural, I was like, 'Thank god this is not me.' It was so easy."

While Kim was pretty excited to not have to be the one to deliver the baby herself -- especially after her two previous painful and potentially dangerous pregnancies in the past -- she had nothing but love for her surrogate.

"She is so amazing. I've become good friends with her," Kim said. "She's so sweet and her family is great. It was such an easy experience."

While Kim and Kourtney were in the room as her daughter was entering the world, it turns out that Kanye was somewhat preoccupied with a board game.

"We had a connecting room, and Kanye was in there playing Connect Four with his friends, and not really paying attention," Kim said, laughing. Later, Ellen asked if Kanye  eventually stopped playing the game at some point, Kim simply said that it's "his favorite game, he's the best at it."

Watch Kim's full fun, candid interview on Monday's Ellen. Check here for local listings.



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