Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Named Baby No. 3 Chicago (Exclusive)

The couple announced their third child's meaningful name on Friday.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's third child has a name just as meaningful as the other two. 

Kim revealed her newborn daughter's name on her app on Friday, four days after she was born via surrogate -- and now ET has new details into why she and her husband named their child Chicago West. 

"Kim doesn’t have any obvious connection to the city of Chicago, but Kanye grew up there," a source tells ET. "He was raised in Chicago and it’s really where he started to thrive as an artist. His mother was also very connected to the city, so this is likely in part an homage to her.” 

Kanye was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but later moved to Chicago with his mother, Donda West, after his parents' divorce. Donda, who died in 2007, was a professor at Chicago State University. According to ET's source, Kim and Kanye "are on top of the world right now," after the birth of their third child, whom they're planning to call Chi (pronounced Shy) for short. 

"They are so happy and feel so blessed with how the entire surrogate process went. The baby is a bundle of energy,” the source reveals. “Their house has been a revolving door of friends and family. It’s such a festive, happy time in their lives."

"They are in their new home, which makes this even more exciting for them since it took forever to move into that," the source adds, sharing that the nursery is decorated in neutral tones like the rest of the house. "They just really feel complete right now.”

The couple's first child, 4-year-old daughter North, was named after their "highest point together," Kris Jenner explained on The View in 2013. "North means highest power, and she says that North is their highest point together, and I thought that was really sweet." Two-year-old Saint, meanwhile, was reportedly given his name as the couple considered their son "a blessing," especially "because she had such a difficult pregnancy." 

As for how the West kids are adjusting to their new sibling, ET's source says that "Saint and Nori are in love with Chi." 

"They’ve all bonded so well! Nori has matured a lot and really come into her own since the last time a new baby was brought home. She was very jealous then, but now she’s just so happy, ” the source says. 

See more on the family's bundle of joy in the video below.