Kim Kardashian Shares Pic of Pete Davidson's Tattoo He Got In Her Honor

The 28-year-old comedian has several tattoos and a branding in his girlfriend's honor.

Kim Kardashian is loving her boyfriend, Pete Davidson's, new ink! After revealing that the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live comedian has multiple tattoos in her honor and even a branding of her name on his chest, the 41-year-old reality star shared her favorite of Pete's body art, which is located near the left side of her boyfriend's collar bone. 

Posting a black-and-white pic to her Instagram Stories, Kim shared the ink, which reads, "My girl is a lawyer." 

Back in December 2021, Kim passed the baby bar exam after several unsuccessful attempts. It was the first required test on her journey to becoming a lawyer. 

She previously discussed this particular tattoo earlier this month in a sneak peek clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air in full on April 13. 

"He has a few tattoos, a few cute ones that he got, but the Kim one isn't a tattoo. It's actually a branding," she explained, adding, "The other ones are cutesy things. I think my favorite one, it says here, it says, 'My girl is a lawyer.'"

Kim Kardashian/Instagram Stories

As for the branding, Kim explained Pete's decision to get the permanent reminder of their love. 

"He was like, 'I want something that's there that I can't get rid of,'" she said. "Because he's in the process of getting rid of his arm tats and his neck tats. He's like, I don't want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up. 'I just want it to be there as a scar on me.'"

As things are heating up between Kim and Pete, he's also been getting to know her famous family and friends. 

"Pete has been getting closer with Kim's family in general, and he has been enjoying hanging out with everyone," a source recently told ET. "He's all about vibing and is very open and accepting of everyone. Kim loves that about him."