Kirsten Dunst Is Ready for Another 'Bring It On' Sequel

kirsten dunst at walk of fame
Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

The actress has one last cheer left in her.

This is not a drill. 

It's been nearly 20 years since Bring It On hit theaters in 2000, but Kirsten Dunst is ready to revisit the franchise. The 37-year-old actress -- who recently reunited (unknowingly!) with co-star Gabrielle Union for Rodarte's latest campaign -- revealed on Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that she'd be down to make another movie. 

"If they wanted to make another movie, I would make another movie. It would be so fun!" she exclaimed. 

Five direct-to-video films were made in the Bring It On franchise after the first movie, but none star the original cast. In a July 2018 interview with ET's Ash Crossan, director Peyton Reed said he'd actually floated the idea of returning to the original characters in a new movie. 

"It's something that we've actually talked about -- and I've talked about it with the actors and [writer] Jessica Bendinger," he shared. "Could you do like, a 20-year later thing to just pick up where they are now, make it this generational thing? It's something we've kind of talked about over the years but never quite honed in on it." 

"But if it were the right thing and dealt with everyone having these weird mid-life crises and stuff, I think that could be really interesting," he added. 

Reed envisioned the sequel as focusing on the cast revisiting their cheer days -- and noted not everyone would have a happy ending. "It would be interesting to see kind of what's happened to those characters," he said. "I think there'd probably be a large portion of the audience who might be bummed out because they can't all have gone on to good things, right?"

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