'Knives Out': Daniel Craig Investigates Star-Studded Whodunnit in New Trailer

Everyone is a suspect in the murder mystery's latest clip!

The plot thickens!

On Wednesday, Lionsgate dropped a new trailer for Rian Johnson's upcoming film, Knives Out, which offers loads of new details on the crime at the center of the film -- and all the family members who could be involved. Need to say, everyone has a motive.

We soon discover that the patriarch of the wealthy Thombrey family is Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), an incredibly successful mystery writer who may or may not have been murdered. Viewers also learn a bit more about the key players' contentious relationships with Harlan.

"On the night of his demise, the family gathered to celebrate your father's 85th birthday," Detective Elliot (Lakeith Stanfield) states at one point, seemingly to Linda Drysdale-Thrombrey (Jamie Lee Curtis). "And your son, Ransom (Chris Evans), did he attend as well?"

"Yes, but he left early," she responds. And that's not all the clues that are shared in the new trailer.

"Harlan was cleaning house," Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) shares. "Everyone [in] the family has possible motives. Was Harlan planning on cutting off Joni (Toni Collette's character)? Did he plan to fire Walter (Michael Shannon)? Is Richard (Don Johnson) having an affair?"

Viewers also get some interesting imagery as well, including Blanc investigating a broken wooden trellis outside the family's massive home, as well as police tape seemingly going up around the family members in one of the house's rooms -- implying they're in the middle of a crime scene.

"The family is truly desperate," Blanc later states. "When people get desperate, the knives come out."

The film also stars Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell and more.

Knives Out arrives in theaters on Nov. 27.

Check out the clue-filled trailer up above.


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