Kourtney Kardashian Says She's 'Most Proud' of Her Relationship With Ex Scott Disick and His Girlfriend

Kourtney Kardashian
Jamie Nelson / Paper

The former couple shares three children.

Kourtney Kardashian takes pride in her friendly relationship with her ex.

The 40-year-old reality star covers Paper's latest issue and reveals that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, is one of her biggest accomplishments. 

"[That's] probably the thing I'm most proud of," she tells the magazine.

Their former couple shares three children together -- Mason, 9, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 4 -- and recently made headlines when they, along with Richie, took a trip together. 

"I don't think we'll go on every trip together, but I love that I'm invited," she says.

While she may not want to go on every trip with her ex and his girlfriend, in a video on her lifestyle site, Poosh, Disick expressed that he "would never not want [Kardashian] to be there."

Also in the video, Disick explained why co-parenting with grace is important to both him and Kardashian.

"I'm not gonna make our kids miss out on things just because we couldn't figure out how to be a couple," Disick said. "And by the way, I don't think people will be able to live their lives if they do it that way maybe, so it's not our [place] to tell other people how they wanna live."

Jamie Nelson / Paper

Despite Disick's interview on Poosh, Kardashian is hopeful that the site, which she launched earlier this year, will separate her from the brand that her last name entails.

"I want it to be its own thing," she tells Paper of Poosh, whose name comes from her daughter's nickname. "I'm happy that I didn't let them push me into what was the right timing for them... I feel like this is my thing. And I'm happy."

Kardashian also discusses how the "new energy" that the site brings has made her "feel different."

"There's something all day that I'm doing. It doesn't leave my mind. Having a conference call this morning, on the way here, it was exciting for me. Having something to keep my brain going. I do feel like that was missing before," she says. "... This is something I can make for my kids to be proud of. It's named after my daughter, and it's hopefully something that can be hers someday."

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