Kourtney Kardashian Says She's 'Proud' of Her Body After Gaining 'A Few Pounds Over This Quarantine'

The mother of three gets candid about how she deals with people speculating if she's pregnant.

Kourtney Kardashian is proud of her body and does her best to ignore the haters.

The 40-year-old reality star got candid about how she protects her mental health from cyberbullying during a YouTube video posted on her Poosh account Wednesday. When answering the fan question, Kardashian explained that she's recently had people ask if she's pregnant after she posts photos of herself on Instagram.

"I commented back and said, 'This is the shape of my body. I've definitely gained a few pounds over this quarantine time and I love my body and I'm proud of my shape,'" she said. "And I'm obviously posting it and this is the shape of my body. I don't think I look pregnant at all. We're all shaped differently and that's my body and I'm proud of it. So that's how I respond to the negative comments. It's not always easy."

The mother of three added that sometimes she can be "more sarcastic," but her motto is "kill them with kindness."

"Try not to let those comments affect you, and if they do and you know that, then don't look at comments," she advised. "I know it's easier said than done, but really try to keep the positivity for your mental health."

And while she admitted that she sees a lot of negativity online, she also noted that there's just as much positivity.

"I think we tend to focus on the negative," she said, adding that the negative comments do tend to stand out to her more. "I just want to respond to those people sometimes even more than the positive ones, which isn't always fair."

Just last month, Kardashian admitted that she's started not to take offense when people speculate if she's pregnant. She received those comments after sharing a photo of herself wearing underwear and an orange button-up dress that showed off her stomach.

"So many of the comments were like, ‘Are you pregnant? Baby No. 4?’" Kardashian -- who is mother to sons Mason, 10, and Reign, 5, and daughter Penelope, 7 -- said during an Instagram Live with her friend and Poosh COO Sarah Howard. "I could’ve taken that offensively… but I knew that I didn’t look pregnant."

“I know what my body looks like when I’m pregnant. I’ve been pregnant three times," she added. "It’s very feminine to have curves and I embrace my body, so I didn’t take it offensively… Instead, I wrote back, 'Oh, let’s put the good blessings out there.’ Like, put out a good vibe."

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