Kris Jenner Explains How Kylie Jenner's Necklace Predicted Son Wolf's Birthday

The baby is Kris' 11th grandchild.

Kris Jenner is one proud grandma! In a sneak peek clip of Kris' upcoming appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 66-year-old momager gushes over her youngest grandchild, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's son, Wolf.

"My 11th grandchild. He's so cute! It's amazing," Kris says. "I was in the hospital when he was born. It was me and Kylie and Travis, because they have rules and regulations now, so you can only have so many people."

According to Kris, when the baby boy was born, he looked so much like his older sister, 4-year-old Stormi. "When he came out, it was like, 'There's Stormi being born all over again!'" she recalls.

Kris also states that the newborn has "the best birthday" -- 2/2/2022 -- the numbers of which align with Kylie's angel number.

"A friend of hers got her a necklace with that number. She was wearing it when she gave birth. It was so weird," Kris says.

Following Wolf's birth, Caitlyn Jenner told Good Morning Britain that she had met the youngest family member, adding, "Kylie's doing great, everybody's doing good." 

As for the proud parents themselves, a source recently told ET that they "are over the moon since the arrival of their baby boy."

"They have wanted to grow their family and give Stormi a sibling for a while and they couldn't be happier," the source said. "They both felt so ready for this, especially since they have a better idea of what to expect. Stormi is so thrilled that she gets to be a big sister and wants to help Kylie with all the mommy and parenting duties."