Kristen Bell Is 'Really Excited' to Return to 'Gossip Girl' for Upcoming Reboot (Exclusive)

The actress opened up to ET at the premiere of her new film, 'Frozen 2', in Hollywood on Thursday.

The hit, subversive teen drama Gossip Girl is getting new life with a revival series on HBO Max, and the producers tapped Kristen Bell to reprise her role -- a prospect the actress says she's really looking forward to.

Bell walked the red carpet outside the premiere of her new film, Disney's Frozen 2, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, and she stopped to talk with ET's Keltie Knight about the exciting news that she'd signed on to lend her voice as the show's omniscient narrator once more.

While Bell only appeared on screen one time -- playing herself in the series finale -- the actress served as the voice of the anonymous author of the "Gossip Girl" website that served as the center of the show's premise. 

As Bell explained, the voice of the narrator is really "the catty version" of her own voice, to compliment the nature of the show, and she can't wait to get back into it.

"It's such a fun show to watch, and it's going to be on HBO Max and we're going to start in the spring," Bell explained. "I'm really excited."

With Gossip Girl on her plate, the final season of The Good Place airing on NBC, Frozen 2 headed toward theaters, all among several other projects in the works, Bell admits that there is a "concern" that she's taking on more challenges than might otherwise be recommended.

"I'm working on spinning less plates," Bell said, "but I kind of enjoy the challenge."

As for Frozen 2 -- which sees Bell reunite with Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad in the long-awaited animated sequel -- Bell said that, even though it's been six years since the world was introduced to Arendelle, Olaf the Snowman and the hyper-catchy "Let It Go," it doesn't feel like any time has really passed.

"It doesn't feel like six years because we've been working on this one for almost four," Bell explained. "It doesn't really feel like a gap for us because we sort of never put it down."

Frozen 2 skates into theaters Nov. 22.